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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Culture of Corruption

[Not sure why, but the video embed is not working, so here is the link]

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  1. Send better rebuttals!

    I agree that this is a daft issue, but...

    As to the only motive being the implausible desire to pve the way for a Presidential run, c'mon! I say the mother and her parents may well have feared the day when the white Ms. Dunham would be facing her black Kenyan husband in a Kenyan court arguing for custody of a black Kenyan baby. To tilt the playing field they coud have filed false affidavits claiming Obama was born in Hawaii, and the rest is history.

    Obama's short form birth certificate would say he was born in Honolulu; his archived long form would nto have a hospital or atending physiscian, but might note that the basis was affidavits.

    Which would not prove fraud (maybe he was born at home!) but would probably raise eyebrows.

    Anyway - I still think it is unlikely, but as I say, send better rebuttals.

    Tom Maguire

  2. It's not an issue that I spend much energy on, either, but I do remember reading in an MSM context,that O's paternal grandma said he was born in Kenya.

    I can see why the grandparents and mother would freak and pull whatever strings they could to make their case.

    Here's a plausible scenario: when her marriage to O's father went south, this young woman returned to Hawaii (and her parents) with her son. scared to death of losing her child into the bowels of Kenyan tribal society. They then worked out a way to "prove" the child was born in Hawaii.

    Having worked with battered women, some of whom had powerful spouses who could out-lawyer them, the specter of losing their children in a custody battle made them frantic beyond rationality. They knew how vulnerable they were.

    As it turned out, this guy wasn't interested in his kid, he had other wives and other sons. But she couldn't know that and probably sincerely believed he'd come after their child.

    Until you've been there, you have no idea how utterly scary that prospect is, or how it can dominate your thinking.

    So, yeah, that's a possibility within the realm of reality; it doesn't dull Occam's Razor at all. Further, the issue is given much energy by O's refusal to make public any of the records of his rites of passage -- the kinds of things that are usually available re other politicians...O's past is quite opaque, as is the man himself.