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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is Palin A Quitter or Climber?

Sarah Palin is a quitter, according to certain commentators, because she did not serve out her term of office. If that is the case, Palin is in "good" company.

I present to you, Barack Obama, photographed in front of the Capitol, the building where he served for less than two years of his 6-year Senate term before starting the process of running for President, something he promised the voters during his senatorial campaign he would not do:
Sen. Barack Obama acknowledged Sunday [October 22, 2006] he was considering a run for president in 2008, backing off previous statements that he would not do so. The Illinois Democrat said he could no longer stand by the statements he made after his 2004 election and earlier this year that he would serve a full six-year term in Congress.
But that was different, because Obama was advancing his own career, so he was not a quitter, just a climber. Is Palin a quitter or climber? We'll see.

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  1. I've bought a ticket to that train of thought myself. I think that's why the moonbat portion of the Donkey Party is so concerned with Trig, Bristol, and whatever else they can throw out the back of the van. They've got nothing else, and they don't want Comrade Chairman questioned. Obama has roughly the same amount of political experience in terms of issues of gravitas, though even then, Palin has 4-5 years on him in terms of years spent. She's also raised most of a family into adulthood, and has a much more "American" life story. The Governorship is the real tie-breaker, in that serving as chief executive of a state is logically more similar to the Presidency than serving in a state legislature or the Congress.

  2. She's a Climber - she marches to a different drummer. Like Frank Sinatra sings "I'll do it my way" and that's pretty much Sarah. I support her! There's more to this decision and we'll know it as time goes by.

  3. I say she quitted. And on one hand, i can completely understand. the visciousness of the left against this woman is unprecedented.

    But on the other hand, there is something to be said for not letting the bastards win.

  4. Does stupid come naturally to you? Obama didn't resign his seat. He kept it, while campaigning. Like George Bush did in 2000. And Palin isn't, at least at the moment, campaigning for anything she might rise to.

    And Aaron - unprecedented viciousness? Against Hillary Clinton, you mean, right?