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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Put Your Laws All Over My Body"

"Keep your laws off my body" has been a rallying cry of liberals, and the pro-choice movement in particular, for decades. The concept is that medical procedures are so intensely personal that government, regardless of its intent, should not be involved in the decisions.

Yet when it comes to the Democrats' health care plans, liberal supporters of keeping the law off their bodies now are saying, "put your laws all over my body."

Government will make medical decisions not only as to the womb, but every other body part; and not just that, government policies as to which procedures and medicines are cost-effective will decide life and death.

Are you able to think beyond today? Do you really want the government all over your body just because you like the current President and Congress? Then be prepared to live with the consequences when you have a President and Congress you don't like.

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  1. I was just pondering this myself. All those libs who want the gubbermint to stay out of their wombs want gubbermint 'all up in their business'. Confused? Me too.

  2. I already have a prez and Congress that I don't like or trust. And you think I want someone accountable to no one making decisions about my medical care? Not on your life!

    The incongruity is head-imploding, isn't it?

  3. Yeah... because corporations being in charge of your body is FAR better. (I've NEVER heard a story about corporations screwing Americans)

    You also seem to ignore the fact that if you do want to be constantly screwed over, corporate healthcare will still exist.

  4. The Medicare Tomato Market

    This is a very readable analogy and explanation of Medicare economics.

    Say that tomatoes were declared vital to life and made available free through the Medicare National Tomato Bank. The story of the healthcare market is translated to the tomato market.

  5. hey i will continue to pick my corporate plan, and let the market hold them accountable.
    i refuse to be forced to join a public health plan provided by government, because they seem to not be swayed by the market. they will own it with a monopoly and there go the check and balances.
    if you read the plan, you will see on page 16 that once the plan is in effect for one year, you will then have to join a public plan and you will lose your private insurance with plan you chose.
    also, corporations have done an immense amount of good for this country.

  6. "they will own it with a monopoly and there go the check and balances."

    No government program has hurt the private sector. Even with a public option private schools exist. We have police that we pay for with our taxes, but we also have private sector security forces. NASA can not compete with private sector space travel. Even our military hires private sector troops. There is no real evidence that a public healthcare plan will hurt corporate health insurance. If Republicans are so convinced that government healthcare will be a failure they should have even less to worry about. The idea that government healthcare will hurt the private sector is just an irrational fear.

    Also, corporations have also done an immense amount of damage to this country.

  7. Dear Reign2020:

    Rather than dissect your idiocy line by line, I will instead pose this question:

    If the government healthcare option is so great, then why is Congress exempt from it?

    And, before you evade-ignore-obfuscate, remember that Congress has a fantastic CORPORATE healthcare plan right now.