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Friday, November 19, 2010

Me On The Right Angle

I was a guest last Monday of Mark Finkelstein, who writes for NewsBusters, on his Ithaca-based television talk show, The Right Angle.

We talked about Legal Insurrection, the elections, the vice-presidential and presidential candidates, and a lot about you know who.   The video is here.   Hopefully the embed below works as well. 

The total program is just under an hour, so you're going to get a lot more of me than you are used to hearing.

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  1. Nice interview. You brought up a lot of great points here that frequently get lost in the shuffle. I found the segments on the drilling moratorium and the bailouts really interesting. I find the question of what Paulson saw leading up to the request for the bailout really intriguing. Why don't we ever get a clear answer on that?

  2. I'm glad that your insights are beginning to receive the dissemination that they merit.

    I rarely if ever utilize online video & audio. However, I promise to read a transcript of your interview if one becomes available.

    But hey, since you're on the radio, I'm dialing in a request. I'd be interested in your assessment of Marco Rubio, whom you've mentioned a few times.

    My first impressions of Rubio are strong and overall favorable. I suspect that his emergence increases the pressure on Palin to make her Presidential bid now or never.

  3. I'm downloading now.

    By the way, I tried to ask Mr. Finkelstein's permission to share the file via BitTorrent, to speed up the downloading, but my e-mail to him bounced (mailbox full). If he happens to read this, I'd be happy to get his OK.