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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gentlemen, Meet Your Worst Bumper Sticker Nightmare

Taken today by a reader in Ithaca, at the corner of Cayuga and State Streets, while stopped at a red light (please remember my caution about driving while photographing bumper stickers).

Gentlemen, meet your worst nightmare:

Not sure how to categorize this driver. Any suggestions?

Update 4:55 p.m.:  Before you jump to conclusions about the driver's politics, consider these two bumper stickers on the car:

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  1. Are you kidding? I live for vehicles like this to sit in front of me at stoplights! There's far more amusement to be had reading these while inhaling exhaust fumes than in simply inhaling exhaust fumes. I'll be his blacked-out license plate makes some meaningful (semantically speaking) phrase, too.

  2. "Not sure how to categorize this driver. Any suggestions?"

    Looks like you've spotted a Feminazi, or is the official term Femysoginist? Its so hard to keep up...

  3. "Not sure how to categorize this driver. Any suggestions?"

    A conservative lesbian.

    I'm always pleased when racial, or sexual minorities see the light and defect to the party that offers them true freedom and equality.

  4. Was that Lorena Bobbit's car, per chance??

  5. I think she just left me a rambling, bizarre, incoherent rant at my blog in comment moderation.

  6. I think Freedom Fighter has it right...one might say there are some contradictory messages on the backside of that car!

  7. In response to the question "Where is Easy Street?" on one of the bumper stickers, the answer is in Mountain View, California, between Whisman Road and California Highway 85. I'm sure that there are others.

  8. Hmmm, I really liked the one about burning the flag. There may be one for everyone to like.....a bumper sticker buffet.

  9. I'm pretty sure she's just someone who thinks she's funny; or rather, someone who thinks those bumper stickers are funny. If she really hated men as much as some of those stickers suggest, then she wouldn't have some of the others on there.

    On the other hand, while she doesn't have any politically conflicting bumper stickers, she also doesn't have any explicitly endorsing any one side (or candidate). I'd really like to see what's on the sticker that got covered up.