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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Teach Your Children Well

My reaction to this device when I saw the advertisement on TV was not "how ingenious."

My reaction was, why don't you teach the $#@%! kid not to spill the $#@%! food bowl.

But then again, I'm old school.  And lately I've been cranky.

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  1. I must not be old-school enough, cause my first reaction to that clip was "Damn, that's so effin cool." Course having said that I will now say this:

    If that thing's 100% kid proof, then Obama is indeed forever known as "The Deficit Slayer" TM. Any kid I know would have that thing spilling it's contents inside of 5 minutes.

  2. That bowl will not stay clean long... When the woman put it into the dishwasher, the bowl would have been facing open side up with the bottom facing down. There's no way unless she took extra effort to force the inside to flip that it would get washed. It's a health problem because most people won't realize this and won't end up cleaning it.

    The other issue is that eventually the bearing surfaces will wear and/or get gooked up with food and they inner bowl will not so easily stay facing up when the outer one is moved.

    It's more cost effective and healthier in the long run to just teach the kids proper manners...

  3. In this day and age when kids must be shrink-wrapped for their own safety, one of the trade-offs is that we can't expect them to be as nimble and sure-gripped as we free-range children were.

  4. This bowl is going to make some serious cash when it hits 'Babies R Us'.

    As a first time Grandmother of an 18 month old Grandson, alot of good innovations have come along since my youngest, 17 years ago.

    But I fear alot of what you say is true.

    Everything improved upon has been done for the childs safety but to the point where a caretaker can be distracted comfortably from directly caring for the child. It's hard to explain but I find myself constantly explaining to my daughter, that I was expected to WATCH my children with my own eyes and be fully engaged with them all day long, while maintaining the whole house and cooking. My life as a domestic diva was 200% easier than my moms and my daughters is easier than mine. But it comes with a price tag, a very expensive one. She works fulltime and all that stuff isn't cheap.

    Hope something good in your day turns your mood around ;)

  5. I know I'm old school, but I HATE seeing kids running around eating on the run. My kids always ate at the table, even their snacks. And snacks were a planned part of the day. My kids were always a healthy weight and ate their meals with gusto because they were hungry!

  6. Looks fun, but will die due to child safety issues. The first time a child's fingers get caught and then cut in the "never upside down" bowl will sue. End of innovator's goldmine.

    It looks like a pretty cool toy. But too pricey at $19.95 (or 2 for $10).

  7. The voice-over on that ad was like fingernails dragged down a blackboard.   Oh wait!?   Do 'they' even have 'blackboards' any more?
    Yup, I'm 'old school' and 'cranky', too.

  8. At first viewing I shared our host's crankiness. Introspection revealed that I reacted to the obnoxious ad, not to the innovation. As previous commenters have noted, the technology is ingenious, though some Amazon customers caution that it is not as awesomely awesome as the company would have us believe.

    Maybe this gizmo can be used in a childhood rite of passage. "Junior, you spill your food one more time and you're going back to the Gyro Bowl."

  9. You sound like my mom about my kids' no-spill sippy cups. But yeah, if they are that hungry or thirsty, they can eat at the table where it's not a big deal to spill. Perhaps we are being ruined by the culture of convenience.

  10. My husband says "That's pretty amazing." Reminds him of an INS, a device in the tips of tails and wings on a aircraft. The bonus: it teaches the kiddies a little science!

    So there's that.

  11. How long before we find out there's lead in that thar plastic?

    What a bunch of idiots that must buy that thing. Why don't they just sit the kid in front of Sesame Street with a cereal box? Or does it take too much time these days to teach kids how to behave.

  12. hahahaha

    ...and I am sure it comes apart in a zillion pieces the first time it is dropped from a one foot height, presents a choking and finger breaking hazard, and is made of radioactive plastic from China.

    And worst of all, it is not dishwasher safe.

  13. I love it, but I'm sure my kids could have found a way to demolish it pretty darn fast. I'm sure I would have found it aggravating to have them dragging it around the house though. "Where the heck's the gyro bowl NOW?" I prefer the regular cereal bowls, or baggies, or even a plastic glass from a restaurant full of snacks. And heck, kids ARE messy. Deal with it. (BTW, my kids are 13-1/2 and almost 17, so they're well past spilling snacks. Spilling other things, sure ... cleaning them up? Not so much. That's still Mom's job, apparently ...)

  14. My first thought, before watching the commercial, was "But I like drinking the milk out of my cereal bowl. How am I supposed to do that with an untippable bowl?" Then, about thirty seconds into the video, I thought "This commercial is about four times as long as it needs to be. And what's with that band music in the background?" By the end of the commercial, I was utterly convinced that if a child dropped that bowl, the contents would spill no matter how "gyroscopic" the bowl was.

  15. It is a gimble not a gyro...