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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Really Wanted To Gawk At Their Junk

I'm posting this from my phone while traveling so I'll be quick.

HarperCollins has settled with Gawker. While not all the terms are clear yet, it does appear that Sarah Palin will not get to give Gawker the full TSA screening and junk fondling.

That's too bad.

Boundaries needed to be set and networks exposed. This was a missed opportunity, and not just for my viewing pleasure.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Professor. I am thankful for your blog and keen insights....indispensable regular reading for me!

  2. That was fast! I know nothing about law. Was that fast settlement indicative of Gawker admitting they were in big trouble and very exposed?

  3. That's too bad.

    Agreed. I'm no fan of Palin, I decry our society's litigiousness, and I think copyrights should expire after five years; but I really wanted Gawker to get hammered with the full force of the legal system.

  4. Missed opportunity indeed. Discovery would likely have been an important treasure trove of campaign intelligence and media stratagems - JournoList on steroids.