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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tolerance Is A One-Way Bumper Sticker

Taken by a reader on Halloween 2010 in Greenville, NC.

So does mocking people who go to church qualify as "tolerance"?  Or am I misunderterpretting the message?

Next question.  Does the owner of this car, which was photographed by the same reader near the store in the first photo, have any connection to the store?

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  1. Ehh... slightly weak sauce in the first one. "Sorry I missed the sabbat; I was busy going to mass and practicing heterosexuality" (the flip side) only barely qualifies as a mock.

    If it had added some adjectives to "church", maybe.

    (Note: chances are, the intent was pretty antagonistic, of course)

    Also, at least the second sticker is advocating a separation between the two and not an equality. ("Church = Hate.... not Church = State!" or something of that ilk instead)

    Just saying.

  2. Pro-tolerance for all.
    Pro-witchcraft and Lesbian.
    How much do you want to bet made fun of and hates Christine O'Donnell?

  3. "I think, therefore I'm a liberal and cover my car with bumper stickers."

    I just thought of a new product ... car covers made of lefty bumper stickers for the beta-man who has everything but needs to protect his car's paint job from climate change.