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Friday, November 12, 2010

Yippee, Daily Beast Swallows Newsweek

The Daily Beast and Newsweek are getting married.  How fitting.  The epitome of the new-age left-wing journals which masquerades as quasi-news organization is acquiring (let's not kid around that it really is a merger of equals) with the dinosaur of left-wing opinion journals which -- at least for the past decade -- has masqueraded as a news organization.

As explained by Tina Brown of The Daily Beast:
What does this exciting new media marriage mean? It means that The Daily Beast’s animal high spirits will now be teamed with a legendary, weekly print magazine in a joint venture, named The Newsweek Daily Beast Company, owned equally by Barry Diller’s IAC and Sidney Harman, owner (and savior) of Newsweek. As for me, I shall now be in the editor-in-chief’s chair at both The Daily Beast and Newsweek, bringing with us as CEO my Daily Beast business partner Stephen Colvin, who launched The Week Magazine in the U.S., as well as Maxim, as president of Dennis Publishing. His dynamism has created 66 new ad campaigns for us since I persuaded him to join The Daily Beast a year ago.
It's obvious what Newsweek gets out of this:  Life for a dying has-been.  But what does The Daily Beast get?  A claim to news credibility, among those for whom Newsweek still means something.

Long live the "animal high spirits" of a left-oriented news organization which will try to shape the national politics under the guise of news, with a smattering of "conservatives" thrown in for cover.

One final question.  Does Meghan McCain get a promotion?

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  1. The Daily Beast will end up dragging down Newsweek =)

  2. Quit trying to change the subject, Professor. We need at least six more angry threads castigating the young lady for daring to publish a tepid criticism of Sarah Palin. We demand it! Attica! Attica!

  3. "The Daily Week?" "Newsbeast?"

    "Animal High Spirits?" Sounds like the name of a trendy micro-distillery.

    I could always tell when our dog had been drinking Animal High Spirits the night before. I'd come downstairs in the morning and find a Jackson Pollock-like "painting" in brown and green all over the carpet.

    I expect the articles in Newsbeast to be just as aromatic.

  4. The marriage was arranged despite the AOL/Time-Warner precedent.

    Is this creative destruction or is it an episode in the MSM's death spiral? Inquiring minds want to know. Time will tell.

  5. News Beast lol

    they will never live it down.

  6. Newsweak has been in the death spiral for a while now. I will sit back and laugh heartily as the Beast gets drug down with it.

  7. Hm. Hope my high school isn't still subscribed to it for the "social studies" class.