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Monday, November 8, 2010

This Bumper Sticker Was Against Immigration, Before It Was For It

Spotted by a reader in Williamson County, TN: 
That was then:  "Where was the INS in 1492 When We REALLY Needed Them?
This is now:  "God Does Not Make "Illegal" People"

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  1. LOL at the title of your post, Professor!

  2. This Liberal is so worked up that America was 'invaded', but not worked up enough to leave.

  3. With the Coexist sticker like a cherry on top!

  4. Heh heh heh. Gotta love it! Betcha this person doesn't even see the hypocrisy. And they are the intelligent ones?! Fail.

  5. God does make people who blatantly commit illegal acts, though.

  6. DinoRight,

    no. This highly intelligent person doesn't see the contradiction at all. Remember, "Don't think ... feel"

    He would probably would get upset at people calling Obama a Keynesian. After all Obama was born in the United States.


  7. Has anyone else noticed cars covered with liberal bumper stickers always resemble the dwelling of a homeless person? My apologies to the homeless, but what a mess! Despite this, these elitists are more than willing to look down upon the rest of us and tell us how to live.

    Sheesh! Morons.

  8. Where is the mandatory "War is not the answer" sticker? (uh.... What's the question?)

    Or the all-time most insipid "You can't hug your child with nuclear arms". (You mean the ones that get through the abortion gauntlet unscathed?)

  9. pasadenaphil...ever since I first saw the "war is not the answer" sticker/yard sign my mind has instinctively shouted "You're right, war isn't the answer... VICTORY is the answer!"

    Probably not what they have in mind, though.

  10. I've noticed fewer "War is not the Answer" signs in the last two years. Guess it just depends on who is waging it, I suppose.

  11. Deekaman - Be assured you are correct. We had a whole bunch of BUSH LIED! WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER! and upside down flags in our neighborhood until the Chicago Messiah was elected. Now it's no more signs, no upside down flags, no problem.
    In short, every single - EVERY SINGLE thing Liberals complained that Bush did - Obama has done the exact thing and then some.

  12. More proof for the bumper sticker rule: One bumper sticker means the driver has an opinion, more than one means the driver is a kook!