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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bumper Sticker Bake Sale

Spotted in Ithaca ...

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  1. Thanks. I like to have the occasional reminder why I am glad to have moved from Upstate NY to Texas--especially when I am missing the fall colors.

  2. This BS (bumper sticker) is an old one...the problem (as with all liberal bumper stickers) is that it is effectively gibberish. The problem with the schools is not the money. Most are awash with money (at least in CA). It is a variation of the same old, tired theme. If there is a problem, throw money at at, and, possible, modify someone else's behavior in the process.

  3. "It would be a great day if we gave all of our money to teachers' unions, and the Air Force... "


  4. Perhaps its time to retest the drinking water Upstate?

  5. And the day after this occurs World War III will start due to the power vacuum.

  6. Pilot to bombardier- 'We are over Berlin...'

    Bombardier to Pilot- 'Muffins away!'

  7. When will libs ever learn that money is not the answer. We've thrown more and more (and more) cash at K-12 education, and it's become worse and worse. That's the problem, though, with Marxist "thought," they're stuck in this impossible circular bastardization of logic: money is bad, we need more money, money must be the cause of all our problems, we need more money, money is causing people to fail, we need more money . . . and on and on. Forget smart, forget spending money in a way that would actually help the situation, just toss billions at it, and it will miraculously improve. Despite decades of proof that this does not work. Eliminate the Department of Education. It's done nothing to improve our schools and everything to make them worse.

  8. Ah, yes, this fits in nicely with my rant for the day.

    As the Studmuffin likes to say, those with the "Free Tibet" bumperstickers on their Volvos never offer to pick up a rifle to actually, you know, FREE Tibet.

    Demonizing the military okay.
    Demonizing the Presidency okay -- if the incumbent is a Republican.
    Demonizing your opposition as Haters and Racists -- okay.



  9. @Steve Burri ~~
    Are you channeling your inner Zell Miller?
    Love it.

  10. Hit the wrong button, sorry, here is a reader's comment:


    "It will be a great day when the public schools manage to educate the children they are entrusted with and people in the military live as well as the slugs on welfare."

  11. Sorry they don't realize that the only reason they are free to live and work in peace here is because of the brave men and women in our military. Liberal idiots!

  12. @Stop shouting...
    Read your last post at your blog. It was excellent! Since comments are restricted there, I'll have to give my shout out to you here!

  13. @Stop Shouting

    Amen... I tweeted your blog post.

  14. Thanks, Steve.
    I don't have the time or dedication to devote to moderation the way Prof Jacobson does, and it just took too much to deal with the tsunami of profanity and spamming.

    I enjoy differing opinions, I just like them to be respectful. In the blogosphere, it can be hit and miss.

  15. Considering defense is a constitutionally defined and MANDATED activity, while education is not...

  16. Phil Donahue used to rant on this very theme all the time. He used to also chant THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! like Communism was a joke. The Berlin Wall coming down must have been a dismal day for that dunce.

  17. "It will be a great day when all children go to private schools, and the money wasted on public eduction goes into building bombers."

  18. Years ago, Barbara Jordan was on a panel with Bill Buckley. She said something to that effect. Buckley remarked that it was a good sentiment, but that the desirability of retaining national sovereignty precluded it being practical.

  19. I've been in a number of Japanese classrooms (our oldest daughter was born in Japan) and it's amazing the great education they get with nothing in the classrooms but a chalkboard and old-fashioned individual desks. A camping-style kerosene heater heated the classrooms. No air conditioning.

    When I remarked to my Japanese wife that the schools looked even more stark from the outside and asked her why they didn't paint them, she answered, "How would painting the buuildings help kids learn?"

    Now in California, in a great school district (with money coming out of its ears) she volunteers a couple times a week in the classrooms of our two youngest in elementary school. She thinks our education system is a joke. She constantly laments that the level of math, for example, that our kids get is years behind what kids of the same age in Japan are learning. So, she sends our kids to a private Japanese run Kumon-like cram school to push them in math.

    Like most Japanese women, she's not at all interested in politics, but listening to her bitch about our kids' schools and how irritated she gets that they're always looking for more money, she sounds like a raving right-winger. She'd be the first to tell you that our schools waste a ton of money.

  20. My response to that bumper sticker has always been the following mash-up:

    "If You Can't Trust Me With A Bomber, How Can You Trust Me With A Bake Sale?"

  21. As mentioned by others, this is an elderly bumper sticker. Been in WA for 10+ years. "Gibberish," as already remarked, because compares incomparables.