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Monday, November 22, 2010

An Honest Bumper Sticker

I've always been skeptical about the Coexist and Tolerance bumper stickers.  Oh, I'm sure some of the drivers mean it, but most probably are just for show, a perfunctory statement of political correctness by people who really don't value any of the religions shown. 

Finally, I've found the bumper sticker the Coexist and Tolerance folks really want to wear, spotted yesterday in Ithaca:

My search for an honest bumper sticker is over.  What now?

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  1. What the sticker should have is a crescent/star by itself and all the other religious symbols in their own group and in big words underneath:


  2. @Van Halen:

    Great idea!! You should create one.

    Is it me, or is the bumper sticker you show very close to saying, in symbolic language, "toxic"? The Star of David is not an "X" by any stretch, but when I see that bumper sticker my mind sees "toxic" - kinda like the license plates who say "CU L8R"....my mind reads it as "See you later."

    I think I need an Internet break.......

  3. Nah. That's the idea, DINO. That's why there's both a Virgin Mary and a Cross. Note the other sticker, "Beware of Dogma."

    Shame the guy/gal's not aware that Liberalism is all but a religion these days.

  4. I'm ordering this one for my vehicle.


    A Coexist decal... made from firearm manufacturer's logos :)