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Monday, November 15, 2010

Linc Chafee Rescinding Rhode Island Immigration Executive Order

I posted previously about how Rhode Island Republican Governor Donald Carcieri had issued an executive order requiring companies that did business with the state to use E-verify to verify the immigration status of employees, and also requiring the state police to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Now The Providence Journal reports that Linc Chafee, who was just elected Governor on the Independent line, is planning to follow through on his promise to rescind the executive order, despite the plea from a Rhode Island woman kidnapped and raped by an illegal immigrant:
Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee on Monday stood by his campaign pledge to repeal Governor Carcieri's executive order on illegal immigration, saying that a letter sent to him from a Rhode Island woman who was kidnapped and raped at knifepoint by an illegal immigrant would not change his mind.
"That could happen in any state. We're one of only six states, I think, to have E-verify. There are 44 other states that don't have it and these types of tragedies can happen in any one of those 44 states," he said at a news conference for a separate issue. "I don't necessarily make the linkage." ....

Last week, a woman identified only as Heather sent a letter to Chafee's transition team asking that he reconsider his stance, arguing that had a system such as E-verify been in place, she might not had been sexually assaulted in June 2008.
The woman had been kidnapped from a Warwick supermarket and raped in Roger Williams Park in Providence by Marco Riz, a 27-year-old in this country illegally. Her case renewed calls for tightening the state's policies on illegal immigrants. (Riz, who pleaded no contest to kidnapping and raping the woman, was sentenced to 30 years in prison last year.)

"I campaigned on it," says Chafee, who was out of the country last week when the letter was delivered to his offices. "I can't go back on a campaign pledge."
It is not clear if this action also will apply to that part of the executive order requiring the state police to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

A link to the woman's letter was posted by ProJo, and is embedded below:

Letter to Linc Chafee From Heather Re Illegal Immigration

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  1. Ho, hum.   Nothing to see here folks, move along now.   Don't believe me?  Go here to read and weep.
    (h/t) Radio Derb (from a two or three podcasts ago)

  2. So the government doesn't have the power or authority to control the borders but it can force you to wear seatbelts and force cigarette companies to put warning labels all over their products.

    Makes sense to me.

  3. RI knew what they were voting for, and they got it. You can't plant corn and reap tomatoes. Lincoln Chafee has always been an ass. RIers knew that, and yet they still voted for the ass. Now they have to live with his anti-American decisions cuz that's what they wanted.

  4. Juba Doobai,

    So true.

  5. Excellent target for the question: "Governor, exactly how much drug cartel money is finding its way into your pocket?"

    We know the drug cartel dollars are getting laundered in a very large dollar-based economy via the "too big to fail" banks, corrupt regulators and corrupt business people. What is stopping us from posing this question to those who have to be party to it for it to work? What are the chances that we would be wrong? Certainly much lower than getting blown up in an airliner were TSA abolished and the legalized groping and child-molesting of the American public put to a stop.

  6. "There are 44 other states that don't have it and these types of tragedies can happen in any one of those 44 states"

    Exactly. How about checking the states that DO have e-verify and see how their stats measure up.

  7. Welcome to Rhode Island, the Sanctuary State.

  8. Mr chafee (WJAR Tv) was asked how he plans to solve the economic crisis. This was his solution. The TV broadcaster couldn't make the connection so chafee did into for him. Its about building trust in the Latino community. The economic crisis in the state is because the Latino community is too afraid to get a job.

    I can't make this stuff up

  9. I understand but also can't understand the Left's obsession with loading as many illegals into the country and then giving them rights simply in the hope they'll vote Democratic. Does that make sense? I mean, it boggles the mind that the Left leadership will risk high crime, poor academic performances and general chaos AS WELL as the possibility many of these people won't vote or may even vote Republican. I guess the Left's hatred of America trumps all.

    BTW, thanks for putting Marshall-amp approved videos on the sidebar, Professor! I urge everyone to go click and get their dose of Black Sabbath for today.