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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Bumper Sticker Buffet

Sent by reader Dan from Summerville, SC, who took this photo yesterday in a hotel parking lot in Charleston:

Bonus for readers only.  People who do not read this post are not eligible.
Identify the partially removed bumper sticker on the window to the left of the wiper, and the crackled bumper sticker second from the top on the left.
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  1. No Whining" and I can't fully make out the second one. Is that "goddess on the loose"?

  2. The partially destroyed one by the windshield wiper is a "No Whining", but the crackled one is too faded to read.

    I always love how the Left accuses anyone who doesn't agree with their point of view as being the ones with "closed minds".

  3. The one on the window indicates "no whining". The cracked rectangular one indicates that apparently the vehicle owner perceives herself as a "goddess on the loose".

  4. Any Thanksgiving prizes around here, LOL!!

  5. I got you linked up on this one, William. Happy Thanksgiving: 'Blessings For Which We Give Thanks'.

  6. Bill, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers - I do see the one sticker as 'No Whining' and I think the other one says either 'Goddess on the Loose' or perhaps 'Goodness on the Loose'...what evah...back to the green bean casserole and loading the car to go to my brother-in-law's house.

    How about some creative 'Conversation Stoppers' from you and your readers when our more liberal family members inevitably bring up politics? Personally I think today is a good day for giving thanks to God for our Blessings and sharing some quality time with family yelling at the football game(s). Suggestions?

  7. Hey donttread: Thanksgiving IS football. What a tradition! I shared some memoroies at my blog, and I'm watching Detroit/New England at the moment.


  8. I should have checked to see if anyone already answered before researching the "Goddess on the loose" bumper sticker.

  9. http://www.northernsun.com/n/s/5530.html

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Professor. Your blog is something to be thankful for.

  10. There should be another sticker "Why are you tailgating me?"

  11. Donald, INDEED! Just when we thought the Lions were going to give the Pats a game, fittingly, the Pats mounted a surge and won going away.

    We did have some Sarah Palin bashers rear their heads just prior to dinner; we responded matter-of-factly how great it was to see such an accomplished, proud, and attractive woman succeed in our great nation...of course, the deer-in-the headlights looks were precious. God Bless America!