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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ladies in the House

Politico is reporting on the gender gap that has emerged in the GOP. Nobody can doubt that ladies like Michele Bachmann have contributed to GOP success in 2010, but are any of them really suited to be Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi was certainly clever enough to get her work done, but that's another story - I suppose.

Personally, I don't think Republican ladies are underrepresented in proportion to their talent. It goes without saying that the number of women in Congress are underrepresented when compared with the population in the workforce or college. Women contribute to only 10% of the Republican Conference. However, I am looking forward to Nan Hayworth asserting some political clout in the House. Maybe she will be the next Madame Speaker, or at least serve as good inspiration.

Also in Politico today, Alvin Greene looks to be an adversary of Barack Obama (assuming DeMint stops that darn recession he started).

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  1. haha Alvin Greene for prez! That would stir up some trouble.

  2. Professor, another Conservative woman who could use help right now is Anne Marie Buerkle who's tied down in a close race in midstate NY (Syracuse area) against Dan Maffei. She's going to need help in legal challenges over the counting of absentee ballots coming in now. Thought you'd like to know about this one since it's in your back yard.

  3. Look, what is your problem with female conservatives? Demeaning them as without "talent" is pretty rich coming from a college kid. I presume you are intending to insult Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. It's been established you know little of Palin. Do you know anything about Marsha Blackburn? Cathy McMorris Rogers? Are you aware of Jaime Herrera or Sandy Rogers or Kristi Noem or Martha Roby or Vicky Hartzler or Diane Black? Nan Hayworth is a very liberal pro-choice Republican. Why is she to be taken seriously but these pro-life women are not?

  4. Interesting idea for a post. It would be enlightening to hear your thoughts on these "talentless" Republican women. Clearly, being elected is a skill they possess, but apparently you feel they are wanting in other areas.
    What are those shortcomings? How do they hamper the overall Republican effort? Are they underrepresented in terms of the talents of female Democrats or the overall membership of their own party? Are you arguing that none of the these women are capable of being Speaker? If so, why?
    Just a thought....