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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Was Away All Day

accompanying a family member to the hospital, stuck in a waiting room with a big screen TV which blared, in order, Ellen, Nate (whoever he is), and then The View.

Two questions.

1.  Did I miss anything?

2.  Would you rather undergo invasive surgery, or watch, in order, Ellen, Nate (whoever he is) and then The View?

(Thanks to Kathleen for defending the fort today.)

Update:  I was able to tweet for help, via my cellphone, but no one came:

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  1. I get the same thing in the waiting room when my car is at the dealer for service. I'd rather sit in the service bay and breathe exhaust fumes.

    And the question always goes through my mind..."people actually watch this?"

    Then I go back to work and see that yet again a generous co-worker has left her copy of O(prah) on the break room table for others who are interested.

    You can see how I occasionally feel as if I'm surrounded by idiots.

  2. Jeez, #2 is a no brainer. Invasive surgery, of course!

  3. I hope all is well with your family member. deekaman is right, of course. I think people not in institutional settings where they cannot turn it off, who watch daytime tv should be forbidden to vote.

  4. Yeah, I'll have to go with the 'invasive surgery' part of #2 as opposed to watch...   Too.
    Hope all went well with the 'family member'?

  5. Having a fingernail removed without an anesthetic wold be preferable to TV.

  6. I hope the family member fared better.

  7. For me, it depends on how invasive the surgery is.On the other hand, until I moved to a flat that had on-site laundry facilities I used to go to a laundromat and would often see Oprah's show.

    The president says at some point you've made enough. When he starts commenting about the fact that Oprah rakes in over $200 million a year I'll listen to his assessment of how much is too much.

    I add to the above--I hope the family member is doing well.

  8. Sounds like it was probably Nate Berkus - not sure what his claim to fame and or a TV show is, but he appears to be a friend of Oprah's.

  9. Prayers for a quick and complete recovery for your family member!

    I would pick the TV because: 1) I really don't like the word "invasive" w/3 of "surgery" and 2) those shows would leave 98% of my brain available to work on other things at the same time!

  10. I spent a day in an out of town, inner city emergency room two weeks ago with a sick coworker. OMG. If it weren't for the distraction of my iPhone, I think I would have gone insane. What was particularly sad was watching this beautiful little girl, about five years old I'd guess, sitting by herself in the waiting room with two televisions blaring. One TV was tuned to the station that carried The View and other shows of that ilk, while the other one was tuned to the station that showed the helicopter footage of police chases, etc.

    It occurred to me that so much of the filth in the media that inundates us constantly is directly attributable to liberals and their social programs.

    I got up and switched the TV to the Disney Channel. Liberal? You bet, but at least no one gets decapitated.

    The little girl smiled.

  11. I like Ellen, her show is fun and you don't have to be so serious all the time. Nate is an interior designer made famous by Oprah. Again everything doesn't always have to be so serious. Designing a pleasant living environment is not a sin. Now the View on the other hand..a bunch of ignorant harpies with the combined IQ of a gnat....the once respected Barbara included.

  12. I'd rather have root canal with no anesthesia than watch the view.

  13. I'd take the surgery over the View any day.

    I'm unfortunately forced to watch Oprah every day at work. The old folks who work in another department (they share our break room) riot if anyone dares to change the channel (unless there's a major football game, in which case old folks are overruled). Usually I just try and tune her out by reading my HP Lovecraft books.

    The books are usually less horrifying. Usually.

  14. What you need to do is carry about a universal remote and the little code sheet and when you find yourself in such a situation reprogram the remote for the brand of TV and change the channel to whatever you like.... it's be nice if there was an android/iPhone app for that....

  15. I highly recommend TV-Be-Gone. You can buy one online for $19.99, carry it on your key chain, and it lets you turn off any TV. You can have a silent war with the idiots watching something until they assume something is wrong with the TV and give up!

  16. Watch "The Spew"? I'd rather have a gasoline enema.

  17. Try being stuck in a hospital bed for a month and the only "news" channel being MSNBC... and no internet access. I almost went insane and my blog darn near shriveled to nothing. You can see in the stats when I was marooned on the MSNBC desert isle of a hospital.

    No waiting room sympathy from me. sorry dear.