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Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA's "Blogger Bob" Says "All Is Well"

The person who blogs for TSA to help explain supposed public misconceptions about various screening incidents, goes by the name "Blogger Bob."

Don't worry, Blogger Bob tells, us, all is well.  Nothing to see here, move along.  Here is Blogger Bob's explanation for the video of the incident in which a young boy was search so extensively that his father, in obvious frustration, pulled his son's shirt off to speed the body search:
On November 19, a family was traveling through a TSA checkpoint at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Their son alarmed the walk through metal detector and needed to undergo secondary screening. The boy's father removed his son's shirt in an effort to expedite the screening. After our TSO completed the screening, he helped the boy put his shirt back on. That's it. No complaints were filed and the father was standing by his son for the entire procedure.
Here is the video, which shows the extensive pat down of the child as bystanders, who were witnessing the whole thing, reacted in disgust:

The TSA obviously has no sense of historical irony that accompanies that title "Blogger Bob":

Verum Serum has more on why all is not well with Blogger Bob's explanation.

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  1. The video you linked to even says that the father is the one that removed the kids shirt.

    Look, I dislike the new TSA procedures just as much as anyone, but we need to be reacting with some common sense.

    It's like the recent military story where the soldier had his fingernail clippers taken away. There were so many problems with that story it had to be fake.

    1) Military personnel do not carry weapons on board commercial aircraft. The weapons get checked.

    2) If they were carrying weapons, then it was a charter or military flight and TSA wouldn't have screened it at all.

    3) Fingernail clippers are not prohibited items.

  2. All is NOT well. We are planning on protesting the TSA on their home turf. Come join us at the airports!

    Nov 24th - National Opt Out day (more info at http://www.wewontfly.com)

    Dec 1st - Shut Down the Airports protest (more info at http://www.shutdowntheairports.com)

  3. It often doesn't matter whether an item is prohibited -- procedures and interpretation of the regs varies from airport to airport. My husband has had fingernail clippers and cigar clippers confiscated, while wearing both uniform and civvies. Not fake.

    I'm surprised he didn't get arrested for the manner in which he communicated his disdain. (e.g., "So, I'm supposed to ask the pilot to insert his finger so I can subdue him and seize control of the plane?!?!" Senior officers tend to get a little snippy when their integrity is impugned.)

    The woman waving the next "customer" through the scanner wore such a welcoming and charming expression, no? It just makes a body want to cooperate.

  4. shutdowntheairports - in your "What Can I Do" section it says

    # Contact your local airport - inform them you will not be flying through there until they get rid of the TSA goons and replace them with a functioning, private security force. Airports specifically have the right *NOT* to use the TSA. more info on Rep. John Mica and the ability of airports to opt out of the TSA in favor of using private screening companies

    The private security forces that are allowed have to follow all the same policies as the TSA. They don't get to make up their own procedures.

  5. The TSA can help make Obamacare cost effective. Full-body screenings can double as mammograms and chest x-rays, and pat downs can be searches for lumps that could signify breast or testicular cancer (even for historically underexamined five-year-old kids!!) Win-win.

  6. "It's like the recent military story where the soldier had his fingernail clippers taken away. There were so many problems with that story it had to be fake."

    Is there some proof that the story is fake or that what the left hopes?

    The fact that the father removed the shirt trying to get his son through a totally unnecessary bunch of government BS seems to me to say that the father was reacting with the only good sense shown in that whole mess.

    Of course, people don't complain too loud, they know that they will probably have to fly again and don't want to end up on the "No Fly" list.

    Get the Israelis over here and get this mess straightened out now.

  7. "Is there some proof that the story is fake or that what the left hopes?"

    I don't think this is a Left/Right issue. There are people on both sides defending and deriding the TSA.

    No one who knows me would ever accuse me of being a liberal. I'm a 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, Repeal Obamacare, Never voted for a Democrat in his life (and never will) conservative.

    I gave the reasons I think the military story is fake. There is no evidence that the story is true. The only report is from Redstate. I think the person that posted it was lied to.

    Now, there is evidence that this is a story from 2004, and at that point fingernail clippers were prohibited, so it might be from then. But then we still have the problem of military personnel carrying weapons on board a commercial flight, or TSA screening a military/charter flight, neither of which happens.

  8. The Left has won.

    Bureaucrats have opted for a policy of mindless, ineffective, dysfunctional, politically correct, random searches in the name of preventing "discrimination" rather than using an effective, common sense policy of aggressive profiling.

    The ACLU and Glenn Greenwald must be thrilled with this insane monster they helped create.

  9. When I read the title of the post I had to laugh out loud, I was only in second grade when the first Gulf War occurred and even I know who Baghdad Bob is.

  10. We tried calling our airport to ask if they would consider privatizing security, as we will now be driving whenever possible, rather than flying. You cannot speak to a live person, nor leave a message. We spoke with the Airport Visitor's Center and were told we were "wasting breath" talking to them. Tried calling USAir, but you cannot speak to a live person with a comment; you have to send email. Tried to email, but you must have specific flight info in order to email. So, there is no way to actually speak to someone at our local airport or major airline. USAir rep agreed that there is no way to leave a comment other than about a specific flight.

  11. IMO, you can not find a more left vs right issue.

    The left wants every single American held in slavery by the government. Told where to go, what to do 24/7. The very idea that an American could defend them selves with out the government terrifies the left. That is why Palin terrifies them. The left is afraid Palin might convince others that they can learn to survive without the government holding their hand 24/7.
    IMO, The Obama administration is not going to let the TSA back down.

  12. Fantastic - the first thing that popped into my head was "Baghdad Bob." :)

  13. Like I said earlier today over at OtherMcCain;

    I was just saying to a friend yesterday, Sarah Palin could get a lot of mileage with this "slogan":

    "To deal with terrorism, we need a Kick-Ass President, not a Feel-Ass President"

  14. It's not like anyone has ever tried to put a bomb in their underwear. Oh wait...


  15. And what was the name of the underwear bomber, Josie?

  16. And what was the name of the culprit, Josie? Where had he just traveled?

  17. @LukeHandCool
    "The TSA can help make Obamacare cost effective."

    And soon enough, the screening procedures can probably double as prostate and pelvic exams.

  18. @josie,

    we all know that one man, a Nigerian failed in his attempt. Al Qaeda are not going to try this again.

    This whole process is so unnecessary.