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Friday, November 5, 2010

The People Who Brought Us The 2006 and 2008 Disasters Want The You-Know-Whats Back

Sorry, but we don't take advice anymore from the people who drove us into the ... er ... um ... you know what, that thing at the side of the road that we can't mention because that's what He does, but they did put us there and now that we're out they not only want back the ... er ... um ... you know whats, the things you stick into something to turn the car on...

... as reported by The Wall Street Journal, The Empire Strikes Back, David Frum is upset:
"Three ridiculously winnable Senate seats have been thrown away by incompetent Tea Party radicals. . . . The Tea Party radicals were supported by all the weight and noise of talk radio and Fox News. They were supported by an alternative power structure within the GOP: The fundraising power of South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund. Their defeat raises important questions about the whole Tea Party project. It also weakens the alternative power structure in the GOP and strengthens the power of party's formal leaders against its informal ones. That's all good news. . . . Goodbye and good riddance."
You can keep your David Frum, and I'll raise you 63 House pick-ups, 6 Senate pick-ups, and rising stars like Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey.

Goodbye and good riddance.

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  1. Yeah, we really have to stop this infighting, and right now. This is want leads to wins for the other side. I hope that the tea party slightly re-calibrates from this election and learns to back more hardy candidates just as I hope the establishment will shut the hell up. The 2010 election is over, it's time to find the right winning candidates for 2012, arguably more important than this last one.

  2. Some people just don't seem to get the new picture. It is not about Republicans winning seats. What does it matter if a RINO gets a seat? That is the same as a Dem/progressive/liberal/communist. The TEA party did amazing well considering that its agenda is to put in conservatives that don't have the word "compromise" on their lips and don't see a need to "move forward". Or whatever the catch phrase of the day is.

  3. A guy who was a fellow writer on my high school newspaper is now a featured columnist for the LA Times. I tried valiantly to make it through one of his recent hit pieces, but when he said, "... even conservatives like David Frum ..." I had to stop reading. I thought, "What, you're not going to bolster your feeble argument further with "conservatives" Andrew Sullivan and Meghan McCain?" Oh, brother.

  4. It gets even worse. One of the other putzes at FrumForum is upset because the success of candidates like Rubio and Paul prevented the Republicans from obtaining a majority. That's right. You see, because they didn't just play dead for the establishment-backed candidates, that diverted money from the other races (even though it didn't really, and the existence of guys like Paul and Rubio probably energized the base and led to greater overall fund-raising).

    These people are to laugh.

  5. The Old Guard of the party are as confused and frightened as the Dems! They are being pushed aside and don't understand what they did to deserve it. The rest of us "get it" - why don't they? I'm 68 years old and have been involved in GOP politics for almost my entire life (I campaigned for Eisenhower for heaven's sakes). I've never seen such willful stupidity in my life! And I work for lawyers!

  6. Prof. 2012 is about the soul of the Republican party, especially since Obama is doing great taking himself apart.

  7. Obama will be interviewed on "60 Minutes" Sunday to underscore not only that he still doesn't get it, but that he insists that it is WE who don't get it.

    After you calm down, watch the Bush interview who reminds us why we voted his party and their big government one-world-without-borders corporatist "new world order" out of office.

    No, I don't miss Bush yet. It is proving very difficult fumigating the GOP of all the cockroaches he left behind.

  8. "You can keep your David Frum, and I'll raise you 63 House pick-ups, 6 Senate pick-ups, and rising stars like Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey."

    That and I'll raise you 39 states with a majority, parity, or plurality of Republican representation.

    Frum can FOAD.....

    Now to off to remind my newly elected representative that he better tow the fricking line or get his newly minted ass kicked to the curb next time around....

  9. We tried it David Frum's way from 2000-2006. Is he so obtuse that he doesn't understand that doing it his way is what got the Republicans fired?

    Does anybody really believe that the historic gains achieved on Tuesday would have been possible had the Tea Party movement not sprung to life? Not a chance.

    I've voted in every presidential election, all but one mid-term, and a handful of primaries since I reached the age of majority in 1980. And I have voted GOP in every national race with the exception of 1980, when I voted the Libertarian ticket of Ed Clark and David Koch for president and vice-president (I still vote Libertarian for some state and local offices when that choice is available). In my 30 years of voting, the most miserable vote I ever cast was when I voted for McCain in 2008. I wasn't miserable because I was struggling between Obama and McCain. I was miserable because McCain is a lousy Republican. To me, he is willing to violate core Republican principles for the sake of cutting a deal. I am grateful DeMint and Coburn will be joined by Rubio, Paul, Toomey, and Lee. I'm fairly confident those six senators will filibuster when McCain, Brown, Grahamnesty, Snowe, and Collins want to cut deals with their Democratic friends that will expand government and reduce our freedoms.

    The Tea Party candidates who WON their primaries did so simply because the establishment candidates preferred by Frum were lousy candidates with the GOP base voters. Keep listening to David Frum and the party will lose me. I promise I will not "struggle" to cast a vote for a RINO like McCain agin. I'll stick with my principles and vote Libertarian instead.

  10. The Federal scene was not the plum. Look at the state legislative massacres of Democrats. Huge gains in the most important place: the UNITED STATES.

    Quibbling over what the Tea Party didn't accomplish shows the ignorance and brutish politik of Baby Frum. He has the intellect of a frat boy sophomore in the student government. Or less. (Sorry non-besotted stars on the rise who are in frats and student government. You know who i am talking about and not talking about.)

    It's the STATES stupid.

  11. So before the election, the Tea Party was irrelevant and meaningless and full of haters and bigots and on the fringe and didn't speak for the Republicans... but now the election is over and some of the Tea Party candidates lost their respective races, the Tea Party was pawerful and supported by some unofficial RNC power structure?

  12. GOP progressives/liberals have assumed for years Americans are dumb. Al lthis century they have lied to us abut being conservative while jamming leftist/Nanny State laws down our throats (OVER LOUD PROTESTS BY CONSERVATIVES), We wised up in 05 and threw the bums out in 06. They continued to pass lefty laws and we threw more of the bums out in 08.

    In 07 + 09 Rove et al explained that the problem was they were "poor communicators"! Today it seems the libs in the other party are saying the same thing! Liberals in *BOTH* parties think Americans are dumb.

    No matter which party they're in the leftists are wrong!

  13. I think perhaps Frum has a vision problem. Probably because his head is so far up his ...

    The people have spoken. Monday morning quarterbacking and complaining about the coach after a 70 to 7 win seems just a bit stupid. Frum should shut up.

  14. In the words of that noted philosopher Bugs Bunny, "what a maroon!"

  15. I once was conflicted on my opinion of David Frum. That moment has passed.

    Taking the Senate would have been sweet, especially with Christine O'Donnell, Dino Rossi, Linda McMahon, and Sharron Angle (and, I suppose, Carly Fiorina). On the other hand, we've got two years of Speaker Boehner to look forward to, and all the suspenseful entertainment that comes from asking the question Politico posed earlier: can President Obama overcome his ego and govern with a Republican majority in the House?

  16. Obviously, liberals' smearing and attacking the Tea Party was extremely effective and brought wonderful rewards and results.

    I look forward to more of it.

    Nothing like enraging a majority electorate resulting in a political party getting stomped to smithereens by the combination of rejected legislation and arrogance of elitists who thought they were in charge.

    States legislating body changes and governorship changes is only now dawning on the shocked liberal elites.

    I hope they never figure out why they got so totally stomped in the hundreds of elections at the state level and the elections at the federal level.

  17. "the Republicans have won in each and every one of the 17 state legislatures they set out to win."



  18. Republicans win most legislative seats in generations

    "Republicans will control both houses of the legislature in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana. In all five states, Democrats entered the election with control of the lower house. In Wisconsin, they'd had the Senate, too. All those states also will have Republican governors come January, giving the party sizable opportunities to implement policy."


    Tuesday's election results boost GOP chances in '12

    "Republicans control the governorships and both chambers of each state legislature in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. In Iowa, Democrats appear to have held a narrow margin in the state Senate.

    In 2012, the number of electoral votes in those six states, added to the states McCain won in 2008, would bring the GOP nominee within 16 electoral votes of the presidency.

    Add a flip in governorships in three other swing states that went to Obama in 2008 -- Virginia (last year), New Mexico and New Jersey -- and the '12 playing field for Republicans is a lot friendlier since Obama's victory."