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Friday, November 5, 2010

Flummoxed Again By "The Enemy of My Enemy..."

Once again I have a seemingly unsolvable dilemma.  If "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which one of these guys has to be my friend?

Via Breitbart TV:

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  1. It's hard to hate a rational socialist. How do you hate someone who's wrong on policy yet understands the reality of the situation? I understand your point though professor. I would rather have the rational guy as my friend, yet the whining liberal is the part of the Democratic Party that wants to throw out the Democrats who actually keep them to a majority.

    In fact, the tea party could learn a lesson from the socialist in this video. You need to elect moderates in your party in the districts where moderates are the rightmost electable. You at least should consider it, all else being equal. We need the moderates to caucus and for cloture. As long as different Republicans vote with us on different issues we'll have a majority vote every time while allowing them to save their bacon with their districts on certain votes. This is the only way to have a continuing governing majority in a center-right country. We can't make the same mistakes both parties made in the past.

  2. If we are to treat this aphoristically, may I suggest: A pox on both their houses.

  3. This could be that 'Exception that proves the rule'. Neither one of these 'BUMS'(and I don't mean Brooklyn)could be your friend.

  4. The one who actually jumps across the table and chokes the other into perdition, leaving the rest of us with one less misguided idealogue and an example of an affirmative volitional act that would actually move the 20% a wee bit closer to 19%. Otherwise, when the yapping is over, they both still hate you.

  5. That's the hissiest of catfights. Calm down, ladies!

  6. Delusion vs. Depression. Very entertaining.

  7. I wouldn't touch either one of them with a ten foot pole.

  8. Hmm..... Good question.

    I'm thinking you just described the perfect kobayashi Maru scenario. There ain't no winning here.

    By definition you have to be "a loser" if either of these boobs are listed as your friend.

  9. My favorite moment? When Joe jumps in and says "You CANNOT go to commercial!" Don't have to be a genius to recognize a potentially viral YouTube clip in the making. *grins*

  10. The socialist is clear-headed and correct: by staying behind moderate blue dogs, they can work towards socialism. More slowly, but unabated. If there hadn't been a sudden rush to the endzone by the left since Obama's election, there would be no Tea Party.

    So the socialist is more dangerous, and the deluded liberal/progressive is therefore your friend.

    If you have to pick one.

  11. Is it a light-blue on light-blue or pinko on pinko fight.... It's rather hard to tell. Either way O'Donnel owned him Grenwald.... but it's fun to watch 2 lefties show how wrong their policies are...