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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Night Card Game (DownWithTyranny!)

I'm starting a new theme, the Saturday Night Card Game, to highlight the use of the race card as a political tool. Those on the left, lacking meritorious arguments, increasingly turn to false accusations of racism as a way of ending an argument they are losing. At this point in time, the race card is all the left-wing blogs, politicians and pundits have left, so there is plenty of low hanging fruit from which to pick.

My first on this theme, before it was a theme, featured Oliver Willis. Tonight it is the DownWithTyranny! blog (emphasis mine):
Last month we started looking at the special election campaign in the mammoth congressional district in northeast New York (NY-23) to replace John McHugh, who Obama named Army Secretary. The district hasn't sent a Democrat to Congress since the Republicans became a reform-oriented party in the 1860s. It went Republican-- but anti-slave Republican-- and never changed, even though the GOP changed so much that-- thanks to Richard Nixon's and Kevin Phillips' "Southern strategy"-- it has come full circle as the party that actually advocates policies that are both racist and as close to slavery as one can get under the current social constraints against that sort of thing.
This card game remains boring and pathetic.

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  1. The Left's persistant shouting "raaaaacist" everytime we disagree with the Obamanation is getting boring. [yawn]

    I hope it's OK to post a link but there's something REALLY important that needs all right-thinking people's attention. It's about the Global Climate scam and BHO giving away our Sovereignty with Congress' approval. We need everyone to please sign the petition to their Rep's and Congress to VOTE NO on this. It's urgent! Thanks for letting me link this here. :)


  2. What? The Republican Party didn't invent slavery?

    Who'd a thunk it?