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Monday, October 5, 2009


Barack Obama is fiddling on his grand plans to remake the U.S. health care and energy systems, while our economy and our position in the world burn. The most recent evidence of the harm being caused by our fiddler-in-chief is the move internationally to abandon the dollar as the international exchange currency for oil transactions, as reported in The Independent newspaper in Britain:
In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar....

Chinese financial sources believe President Barack Obama is too busy fixing the US economy to concentrate on the extraordinary implications of the transition from the dollar in nine years' time. The current deadline for the currency transition is 2018.
I would like to think someone in the Obama administration would be concerned, but honest reflection leads only to the conclusion that the lowering of U.S. international power will be music to Obama's ears. He never misses an opportunity to lecture the world about the evils of domination by any one country, by which he means the United States.

A fiddler who is not oblivious to the fire, by any means.

UPDATE: Following the report by The Independent, there have been denials about the plans to drop the dollar for oil trading. But replacing the dollar as the currency for oil trading would be consistent with other proposals by China, made in the presence of U.S. officials, to create a new international reserve currency consisting of a basket of currencies, as I reported a prior post. Other international groups recently have pushed similar ideas for replacing the dollar, as well.

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  1. You are 100% correct on this William, I think this is even part of the big picture for Obama....

  2. Like an aging rooster, he'll pump his chest, shake his feathers, yell at his loyal press corps, stage a photo op and do nothing.

    What more do you want?

  3. Barry's deep waisted bow to the Saudi King continues.

  4. I saw this yesterday and after biting the heads off of nails to calm down I commented on it on my blog- wwww.truthandcommonsense.com

    If the next President is worth his salt, he will remember this moment and work to punish those who would stab us when we falter. One in particular- Soros. I would crush him until his last job on this earth would be to stand on a street corner with a squeegie and dirty rag begging passing cars to let him clean the windshields for a quarter.

  5. I appreciate your analogy. I wonder how many of the youth that supported him even undertand what you are referring to? I am guessing Nero.

    I think he is part Nero, part Caucesco, part myth and hype, married to Marie Antoinette.

    As a Lutheran, I am waiting for a "here I stand, I can do no other", type conservative to come along. By 2012, I hope we have enough of a remnant of America to scrap the hope and make a change.

  6. The Federal Reserve has had it's printing presses running full speed for a ling time now, making this type of thing inevitable. You can't keep counterfeiting trillions of dollars and expect them to keep their value at the same time.

    And let's never forget too, George W. Bush played a significant role in this debacle. We can't change the Republican Party by allowing them to skirt responsibility. We have to take them to task with the fervor we go after Obama.

    Our government is way too big and way too powerful (here at home). God help us all!