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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Defense of Obama's Guy Thing

Alternative headline: "Obama Critic Says It's Gone Too Far."

Let Obama play hoops and hit the links with the guys. Exactly which high-powered woman is he supposed to set a pick for, box out, or look the other way when she uses the foot wedge? Hillary? Maureen Dowd? Janet Napolitano?

Can you imagine. "Obama didn't pass to me enough." "Obama is all elbows." "Obama was moving while I was putting." "Obama called me a divet." "Does Michelle know Obama smokes when he thinks no one is looking?"

Even the Politically Correct One is allowed to have some fun once in a while.

Momentary pause

That didn't take long. All good things must come to an end:

Now we see reports that gender-insensitivity charges have resonated with the Obama White House. According to Politics Daily, the president dragged chief domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes to the golf course on Sunday, and she became the first female to join his golf foursome since he took office. The event produced a photo op of global proportions.

I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for him. Almost.

Second alternative headline: "Leave Obama Alone, He's Busy Ruining The Country."

Update: JC says The Audacity of Hope-Ocrisy. I try not to be so down on the guy as some are. That's just the way I am.

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  1. I'm no Obama fan but this criticism of him is a better indocator of the mush-brained thinking of the likes of Bonnie Erbe.
    Holy cats. I won't vote for you Mr. President but by all means, enjoy your basketball games!

  2. I am NOT defending BO, he is an incompetent leftist bimbo,

    BUT, it takes a very special mentality to ask why there are no mixed sex basketball games.

    It’s like the Coach once said:

    “Son, basketball is a contact sport. It is true that it is not a combat sport like football, but it is a contact sport, and if you don’t want to body up your man, you can take a seat over there at the end of the bench.”

  3. But BlogDog, why wouldn't he have fun if a woman joins his b-ball game?

    Me suspects the CIC has some issues...

  4. "Second alternative headline: "Leave Obama Alone, He's Busy Ruining The Country."

    But that's the thing, isn't it Professor.

    Obama isn't busy running the country. He's busy playing golf - already more golf than his predecessor played in 8 years. He's not working on how to solve the unemployment crisis ... he's golfing.

    And really, isn't Obama's habit of sending a man to do a woman's job really the larger question?

    When Obama needed someone to negotiate with Kim Jung Il, he didn't send his Secretary of State, who's job it is to negotiate on behalf of the United States. Instead, he sent her husband.

    When Barack Obama needed someone to negotiate with Hamid Karzai, he didn't send his female Secretary of State.

    He sent John Kerry.

    Obama seems to think that a woman can't do the job. Evidence: He keeps sending men to do her job.

  5. I certainly don't think this is a big deal either. On the other hand, after all that talk about diversity and what not, shouldn't we hold him up to his own rules?

  6. It's much ado about nothing. I read the story in the Times on Sunday (front page mind you). It read like a press release for Barack's manliness, painting him as a regular guy's guy. Yeah right, so long as you haven't seen him bowl, ride a bicycle, or attempt to throw out a first pitch.

    His weak posture in foreign affairs and indecisiveness on Afghanistan must be killing his poll numbers. This is an attempt by the White House to paint him as a "tough guy" by creating a fake controversy. No female staffers are quoted in the article. Emanuel, Axelrod, and Dunn made this story up and then invited a friendly Times reporter to the White House to interview females about Barack's masculinity. We don't have a grievance or a source. All we've got is women rolling their eyes about sports. Stop the press!

    See also, "President Pantywaist Gets Butch Makeover": http://facetwitch.blogspot.com/2009/10/butch-makeover-for-president-pantywaist.html

  7. Hey I'm a librul and all but it's encouraging to see that the lunacy of this is not necessarily a partisan issue. In my eyes it's clearly a case of looking for something to complain about and I have a hard time believing there wouldn't be stories about Obama bullying and physically intimidating female opponents, "picking on girls," etc. were the situation inverted.

    And Phil, give me a break. You're seriously going to focus on who he plays horse with rather than his record (Ledbetter bill etc.) and all the women he's appointed? Get real.