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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Told Ya So On Reid's Empty Hand

Heading to the airport, but wanted to get in a quick Told Ya So.

Yesterday, when everyone to the left was cheering Harry Reid's performance, I said Reid had called a new conference to announce nothing: Harry Reid: "I Have Nothing to Announce, So Pay Attention"

I was right. Joe Lieberman just announced he would not vote for cloture based on the bill including the public option. Other moderate Dems will follow this lead.

Reid's gamble didn't pay off, unless he never wanted to win in the first place, only to show he tried. Either to move forward without a public option, or to find some excuse to use other procedural tricks.

You don't win much just for trying.

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  1. And, in fact, Blanche Lincoln just reafirmed her opposition to the public option, clearly using the cover Joe provided.

  2. I don't know, a Peace Prize might be on the table.

  3. All of the actions by libs on healthcare reform have been Kabuki theater for its base since at least the end of July, when things began to spiral out of control heading into the Townhall season. (They mean nothing of what they say and are play-acting before they finally put a fitful ax in the head of this ill-advised legislation but they calculate (probably at least somewhat correctly) that some of their bone-headed base will be appeased by the puppet show.)

  4. I think these folks are dead serious on socialized medicine. They do not want it to fail and then have to delay our entry into utopia for another 25 years.