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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bloggers In Pajamas Unite!

Proving the "six degress of separation" thing, the left-wing blogosphere is having the type of hissy fit they usually attribute to the right-wing blogosphere. All because an NBC reporter, John Harwood, made this comment about the gay-rights protesters in Washington who are objecting to Barack Obama's broken promises on gay rights (as recounted at AmericaBlog):

Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the Internet left fringe.
Which was followed by Harwood's report of this comment by a White House adviser:

For a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn't take this opposition, one adviser told me those bloggers need to take off the pajamas, get dressed, and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult.
Now I take great offense to complaints about bloggers in pajamas, particularly since I am in my pajamas writing this post. Some of my best thinking takes place whilst in pajamas. I was thinking of re-naming this blog Pajamas Media in recognition of reality, but a Google search revealed that someone already took the name. I wonder how much they want for it?

So I stand with the left-wing blogosphere on this one, even if Harwood and his unnamed White House source were correct on the merits of whether the left-wing blogosphere should be taken seriously.

Oh, one other thing. Weren't these very same left-wing bloggers cheering yesterday when a White House spokeperson ripped into Fox News as “opinion journalism masquerading as news."

First they came for Fox News, then they came for left-wing bloggers in pajamas ....

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UPDATE: John Harwood has offered a clarification to the Huffington Post (which itself is interesting, that a mainstream media reporter feels the need to clarify something to HuffPo). Harwood confirmed that he did speak to an Obama adviser, and that the White House has disdain for all left-wing bloggers, not just those left-wing bloggers who blog about gay rights issues:
"My comments quoting an Obama adviser about liberal bloggers/pajamas weren't about the LGBT community or the marchers," he wrote. "They referred more broadly to those grumbling on the left about an array of issues in addition to gay rights, including the war in Afghanistan and health care and Guantanamo -- and
whether all that added up to trouble with Obama's liberal base..."
This clarification should go a long way towards dispelling the notion that the Obama White House was insulting gay-rights bloggers; instead, the WH was insulting all left-wing bloggers on a wide variety of issues. Case closed.

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  1. Been in my pajamas all morning, working on my blogs. Conservative blogs at that. Even my cats' blog has a conservative slant. Of course, I'm a working person on the dreaded night shift, so I have an excuse, I think. Gotta put my cloths on now and go out into the real world of increasing taxes and decreasing jobs. Hmm, I think I'd feel better to stay in my pajamas and blog the day away.

  2. Well! The left-wing blogosphere should be very, very careful when criticizing the Nobel One. After all, merely being a critical Libertarian makes me a common racist in the eyes of President “Nobel Too” Carter and Maureen “Nobel for Literature Not” Dowd. Imagine how blasphemy from the choir will treated!

    Meantime, I prefer boxers and a t-shirt to actual PJs. Like I said, I’m a Libertarian. The hell with pajamas!

  3. This is totally off topic...
    My dad had mentioned to me that a new bill has passed (or something) in accordance to the FTC and now because of it being put into law, bloggers can no longer support someone or speak out against some one, nor can they sell stuff on their blogs without requesting permission from the FTC. If you do not request the permission of the FTC for these things, you will be fined heavily when they come across your blog and find you are participating in those very things listed above.
    I have not heard of such a thing and I am only beginning my search since it was just yesterday that I was notified of this.
    Have you heard about any such thing?
    Is it part of the Fairness Doctrine? Or something else?
    Your insight is always appreciated, thank-you!

  4. Me and my fuzzy robe are offended by this.

  5. @joie, here's an explanation, http://tiny.cc/B4Wib

  6. This is becoming the pattern: conservatives dismissed by the administration, leftists cheer; administration marginalizes leftist special-interest group, leftists are confused and protests ensue. All of the so-called "in" crowd still don't get it: they can be turned against quickly by this administration, as the administration looks out for IT's interests only.

  7. So the Obama administration is anti-PJ now? Maybe PJ parties are like Tea Parties? Never know how violent you can get with a pillow...Maybe we'll see Pelosi crying about PJ parties on TV soon...

  8. Yesterday I was a neocon racist. Today I'm a leftie pajama blogger:


    What EVer suits His Highness.


  9. Considering my best blogging is done in my pjs... I resent this antipajama attitude and call for a Congressional investigation of the violation of my pajama wearing civil rights perpetrated by the executive branch of gov't. Pajama wearers of the world unite! HA!

  10. Since I'm weaing jammie bottoms and a tee shirt bearing a conservative message, I suppose I fit into neither category.

    Sometimes I think the White House gets confused.

  11. After we're done listening to the homosexuals tell us what we knew already - that Obama is a goddamned liar of the worst kind, can we get on with the business of getting his NAMBLA-defending Safe Schools Czar the hell out of our government?

  12. Anyone want take on my bet that the unamed WH adviser was David Axelcreep?

  13. Sounded to me like his solution is 'governing is complicated' so muffle your dissent, apologize for your past criticisms, and accept anything that O administration does.