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Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes, The World Has Lost Its Mind

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? Peace in Afghanistan? Peace in Iraq? Peace in the Middle East? Nope.

How about peace in Chicago, Honduras, Detroit, or somewhere? Nope.

What a joke. Was Chris Matthews on the committee?

What an embarrassment to the Nobel Peace Prize legacy. How about waiting until Obama actually did something, then give him the prize?

But then again, we elected Obama before he accomplished anything, so who are we to criticize.

Some more thoughts (something of an open thread all day):

►An insult to the people who actually deserved it. Remember, there were people who risked their lives for freedom, human rights and liberty who are not receiving the prize this year because of Obama's cult of personality.

Also, an insult to the American people because it is such a clear political play. This cheap trick will backfire, because it perpetuates the cult of personality which is becoming Obama's biggest political liability as we emerge from electoral state of semi-consciousness to understand that Obamamania is driving us off a cliff.

The Obama worship always was completely divorced from any semblance of reality, and now it has gone international.

And just watch the mainstream media and nutroots play the race card against critics of this pathetic joke on humanity.

►If the shoe fits: "The Emperor has a Peace Prize but no clothes."

►A reader asks who else was under consideration and more deserving. From an AFP article:
  • Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai the "former trade union activist and opposition leader, who vowed for years to bring an end to President Robert "Mugabe's dictatorship" in the once-flourishing southern African country, has served as prime minister in a national unity government with Mugabe since February 2009."
  • "Other possible laureates mentioned were jailed Chinese dissident Hu Jia, Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba who has campaigned for a peaceful solution to the almost 50-year-old conflict in her country, and Afghan doctor and women's rights activist Sima Samar."
  • "Among other names that have circulated in the run-up to the announcement are Vietnamese Buddhist monk and democracy advocate Thich Quang Do, Chechen human rights lawyer Lidiya Yusupova, and Russian activist Svetlana Gannushkina."
  • "Possible laureates were seen as the Cluster Munitions Coalition or the humanitarian organisation Handicap International."
►I almost forgot, the "anyone who does not think Obama walks on water must hate America" meme is circulating, started by Mark Kleiman: Why do the wingnuts so hate America?

►I think it is a mistake to view this as "affirmative action." Obama's race had little to do with it. Rather, this was a slap at U.S. sovereingty and any U.S. foreign policy which puts U.S. interests first. That's the same reason they gave Al Gore the award. Obama embodies a surrender to international jurisdiction. Just read what the Nobel committee said (emphasis mine):
Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population.

For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama's appeal that "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges."
►More on this at my related posts: Farce Repeats Itself As History, So I Guess All Military Options Are Off The Table Now and What I Did For World Peace Today .

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  1. When I read the headline on CNN, I thought it was some sort of internet hoax. I guess not.


    I'm with you. They should have waited until he was up for re-election and could point to SOMETHING. I guess the Nobel committee never watched Saturday Night Live.

    This guy is a parody of some weird stand-up routine.

    Then again, maybe it's just the Chicago political machine paying people off properly and them staying paid off long enough to sign off on the award.

  2. Isn't Soros on that committee...or at least have a few in his pocket?

  3. I was wondering who else should have been awarded the Nobel for Peace this year. How about providing us with a list of those who were more deserving?

  4. Two words: "Al Gore." Didn't we already realize this was a joke? More like a bad punch-line, really...

  5. This is probably how Obama was promoted to the Law Review. A left wing symbolic gesture to promote a black man.

  6. The Nobel Peace Prize has been a moot point for years now. And this is just Europe's way of rubbing our noses in it one more time. He joins other 'deserving' winners like Yassar Arafat, Al Gore, etc. [wretch] Obama is the Audacity of a Dope.

    (PS: New follower. Enjoy your blog greatly! Keep up the good work of reporting the unbiased news.)

  7. Obama knew it was coming and that's the reason for the delay on more troops for Afghanistan. Soldiers had to die for his peace prize.

  8. They should rename it the Nobel Appease Prize...

  9. If the Nobel Peace Prize had any shred of real honor and decorum left, the last vestige of it faded away with the last two: Carter and then Gore over Irene Sadler [sp?] the Catholic nurse who saved the lives of some 2500+ Jewish children during WWII (and managed to bury their lineage in a jar under a tree so they'd know who they were and where they came from when it was safe to let them know).

    This award is just the continuing joke the Nobel Peace Prize has become. It's devolved from merely a meaningless political statement to a rotund, bloated joke. Only the self-absorbed, self-relevant narcissist steps forward to receive it with false humility and a pseudo sense of "honor". Today and in recent years past, it is merely the anti-Bush award, certainly nothing more ... and the vast majority of the world knows it and revels in it.

    A truly honorable man or woman would be embarrassed to be nominated for it, let alone to be the chosen recipient.

    It has become, not an award of distinction, but one of dishonor and ridicule. Yet another sign of the times we live in.

  10. Let’s be careful here and give real credit where credit is due: What is Barack Obama if not a political marketing genius? Isn’t he really an excellent speechmaker. Are not almost every one of his formal dissertations and stump interviews with media darlings really, well, just perfect? Isn’t he able to wrap himself with an aura of celebrity sanctification? The inevitability of the Nobel Peace Prize was a foregone conclusion, wasn’t it?

    Unfortunately, what we all realize to this point is that is excellent rhetoric is nothing but just that: empty eloquence. He accomplishes nothing. He appeases everyone. But, he damn sure looks good, doesn’t he?

  11. MLB just announced that he'll be getting the Cy Young Award this month...for both leagues! And, rumor has it that NASCAR is going to give him the Cup this year. You know, 'cause he's like a good talker, and stuff.

  12. "This cheap trick will backfire"

    I don't see how? The Right keeps coming across as a rabid animal crying "spoil sport". It was too silent for too long and let the Left run amok without any correction.

    While the Left was channeling Goebbels and its ilk, the Right was turning the other cheek and not disciplining its Janus.

  13. Pathetic. Just pathetic. What a jke. Seriously. Of course no one really thinks this is a legit deal anymore anyhow so this isn't a surprise, I guess.

  14. I'm still waiting for Robert Mugabee's award for economics and Kim Jung Il for peace.

  15. Alinsky style tactics have hijacked non-profits everywhere. Why should the Nobel committee be any different? The problem is the press corps that continues to portray these entities as though they still have merit and integrity.

  16. Cowboy Curtis makes a good point. He overlooked Barry's quest to get his version of a Tiger Slam: Notre Dame Honorary Degree, Nobel Laureate, Oscar, Emmy, Tony and a Peabody Award. Not to be outdone, these other selection committees are lining up their ducks as we speak.

  17. In other news, Americans were stunned today when Barack Obama single-handedly won the World Series in baseball. Speculation immediately started on his chances of winning the Superbowl and the Stanley Cup.

  18. In a re-run of the 1984 America's cup yacht race, Barack Obama single-handedly took on the contenders: Australia, New Zealand, and France, and won. He was without a crew.....