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Friday, October 9, 2009

What I Did For World Peace Today

Received this e-mail from a "fan":

Sir, just what are you doing for world peace other than complaining about the Nobel selection of Barack Obama?
Well, complaining about the lunatic award of a peace prize to someone who never brought peace to anything was a pretty good place to start. The Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be about rewarding peacemakers, to encourage other people to become peacemakers.

The Nobel committee, not for the first time, made a complete mockery of the most prestigious peace prize. The committee's manipulative supporting statement -- in which it asked that US. foreign policy bow down at the alter of world opinion -- was a sop to the popular accommodationist policies which are anathema to most Americans with good reason. I respect our nation's sovereignty and safety too much to subject ourselves to the political whims of the Nobel committee and its acolytes.

Criticizing this joke of an award, this slur on the notion of accomplishment, this pathetic attempt to manipulate our sovereignty, was what I did today to advance world peace.

And it was a good start, in my humble opinion, "Sir."

Update: Michael Tomasky at the left-wing Guardian paper in Britain sees this for exactly what it was, as did I, a manipulative play by the Nobel Committee to tie Obama's foreign policy hands:

I'm mostly just interested, as you can see, in the domestic politics aspects of this, because I just don't take it seriously in substantive terms. But I do wonder: will being a Nobel peace prize winner limit his range of options as America's commander-in-chief in any way? Can a peace prize winner really then go forward and put 20,000 more US soldiers in Afghanistan? Did those sneaky Scandinavian pacifists have this thought up their Scandinavian sleeves?
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  1. Hooah. A good start indeed.

    'Nuff said.

  2. Dear 'Obama FAN',

    Bet you haven't seen the recent web videos showing the vicious beating and killing of a 16 yr old Chicago teen, Derrion Albert, in broad daylight.

    You can ask Derrion's parents if they will be giving Obama a PRIZE for world peace when, during his unaccomplished term as their Senator, he only gawked as the whole of Chicago's South and West sides degenerated into an urban war zone.

    Maybe you (and the Nobel selection committee) could share your enthusiasm with Chicago's delightful, inner-city youths. Don't forget your Glocks.

  3. "Sir, just what are you doing for world peace other than complaining about the Nobel selection of Barack Obama?"

    Well, "fan", what I've done for "world peace" today is refuse to bend to the foolishness that "good intentions" are a substitute for the real, hard work of promoting peace.

    You see, "fan", there are bad people in this world who will use force to deny others life, liberty and, yes, peace. These people are not impressed with pretty words and "good" intentions; pretending such things advance the cause of peace only makes it more likely that we will not have it.

    "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum."

  4. God Bless Obama
    apologies to Irving Berlin

    "While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
    Let us swear allegiance to a man that's free,
    Let us all be grateful for a prez so fair,
    As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. "

    God bless Obama and,
    His Nobel prize
    Stand beside him, and guide him
    With the help of some Norwegian guys
    For achievements, in the future
    We applaud him, his wife, too
    God bless Oba-a-ma, For what he'll do

    God bless Oba-a-ma, For what he'll do

  5. OK. I finally got around to it.... my post for Cordoba and Simar.... who would have been excellent choices, either of them, for "The Prize."


    Yesterday I was only able to drop my jaw at the way the committee passed over Mugawe.

    It pays to be part of the ruling class in the U.S., so it seems. No matter where one goes.... Kinda like having an American Express Card in Norway. (But not for long, cuz thestrenght of the American dollar is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.)

    As an American I am angry, and embarrassed, on both counts.