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Monday, October 19, 2009

Is There a Plan B for Iran?

The Obama administration has put its hopes of stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons program on negotiations with Iran. At best, Iran has been an unwilling participant, seeking to buy time.

I suspect Iran's attitude is about to change for the worse. A suicide bombing took the lives of several Iranian Generals, including the General responsible for Iran's international network and relations with Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran is blaming the bombing on the U.S., Britain and Pakistan. Iran has promised retaliation.

Iran likely will use the bombing as an excuse to slow down or cancel the current negotiations. That is why Iran is blaming the U.S. and Britain, and not the usual suspect, Israel.

I never held out any real hope that Iran voluntarily would give up its nuclear weapons program. I hope the Obama administration has a Plan B, because Plan A is about to collapse.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! I know what Plan B is! We'll send Sheriff Joe Biden to Iran to engage in tough, smart diplomacy that will really make those Mullahs think twice before they mess with us!
    Welp, that's done. Next crisis?

  2. No Plan B. There is a Plan A. 'A' for 'Appeasement'.

  3. They DO have a Plan B.

    They are going to send his new special czar on Iranian Policy, former President Jimmy Carter to meet with Iran’s neighbors, Iraq and Afghanistan and encourage them to stop treating Iran “…like a real country. It’s not a real country in the sense that Afghanistan or Iraq are…”

    Carter has been cautioned not to accuse the Iranians of being racists and was told to avoid any inflammatory rhetoric except as may apply to the other non-country, Israel.

    You haven’t heard any of this? That’s because you are spending too much time watching Fox News! Get over to the ‘real’ news network, MSNBC.

  4. Sternly-worded letter No. 3, with cc to North Korea.

    Sheriff Joe is Plan C.

  5. i don't think Plan B will w*rk with Iran..... you have to take the first dose within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and I'm a Dinner Jacket has been boffing Ear Leader non-stop since January.