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Friday, October 16, 2009

No. 32 Top U.S. Political Blog

I never really understood Technorati. That may sound foolish, but when everyone would write about how essential it was to be properly linked or whatever to Technorati, how many people use Technorati to find blogs, etc., I really didn't follow the advice. I tried using Technorati, but couldn't get the "ping" thing to work.

So I am shocked and awed to find out that Legal Insurrection is ranked No. 32 on Technorati's list of Top U.S. Political Blogs, using the new, dynamic, more current Technorati measurement which seeks to "better reflect the fast-changing nature of the blogosphere." [Added: The rankings change daily.]

By way of comparison, Big Hollywood is No. 31, Matthew Yglesias is No. 40, Ben Smith at Politico is No. 22, Hullabaloo is No. 28, Andrew Sullivan is No. 21, and Little Green Footballs is No. 49.

Most satisfying of all, the WhiteHouse.gov blog is ranked No. 34. Hah!

Apparently, there is a new algorithm which measures something to give someone data from which to compile this list. It has something to do with "authority."

It is interesting to note that many of the top blogs have websites with big traffic behind them. I am proud that a part-time, amateur, pajama-wearing, technologically-challenged, free-standing, Google Blogger-blogging blogger who started just a year ago in a fit of frustration without having much of a clue as to what a "blog" was, can make it this far this fast.

Since I like my ranking, I will defend this ranking method with my life, if need be. Right after I finish defending John Hawkins' Top Conservative Blog ranking (no. 16) and the TaxProf's law professor blog ranking (no. 10).

From what I hear, bloggers can make like, millions of dollars from blogs. But I do it for the love of the art form. And it's cheaper than therapy.

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  1. Awesome! Really. No.32 is ... well, frightening in one year. But, a lot of blogs and other websites are linking to you - so you've got 'authority', prof!

    Now, start getting some revenue going. You've got real impressive traffic and stats to prove it, so consider accepting advertising. Nothing to worry about, it's all very capitalistic.


  2. Congrats, number 1 next year

  3. Good for you! I've never been able to figure out technority, either. I don't think I want to look at my ranking;)

  4. Congrats, and I agree with you that blogging is a form a therapy. I gotta get all these words out of me!

  5. Congratulations!!! Blogging is therapy to me as well. I'm waiting to see you at number 1. I know it will happen.

  6. Not only cheaper than therapy, but a great way to stop annoying one's friends by sending them stuff that they've JUST GOT TO SEE.

  7. Congrats.

    And well deserved I might add!

    I'll also congratulate myself for being able to pick 'em. I began subscribing here and at "Dissenting Justice" in the same year. I wanted to read one Conservative and one Liberal legal viewpoint each day.

    I believe Dr. Darren also made the list. #35 maybe??

    Anyways.... if it were not for these "opinions" that I read. I'd read no news at all. Honestly. I can't take the inanity of network and/ or cable "news" at all.

    Thanks for keeping me up to date....

  8. Congrats, you really need to monetize this blog though. Start off with a little Google Adsense, and then move on from there.

  9. Congrats! I love your blog. My blog has a Technorati authority of 546 but it's not on the "U.S. Politics Blogs" list so I'm not sure what my ranking would be. From looking at the list, I think it would place me at around the high 260s.