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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Schoolyard Bully

I'm late to this story, so I'll mostly link to others. Barack Obama tried to bar Fox News from the White House news pool, a move that is unprecedented.

I have been sounding the alarm about Obama's intolerant tendencies for a year. I was right.

Fortunately, the schoolyard bully backed down, because the other networks in the pool refused to go along, and threatened to withdraw from the pool if Fox was banned.

Good for the mainstream media networks. Bad for our country that our President is trying to run the country as if this were a precinct in Chicago.

For more, check out:

UPDATE: The NY Times, to its credit (yes, I said it) has exposed the lies being spread by Obama, Axelrod, Emanuel, Dunn and Gibbs about how Fox is not a "news organization." In reality, the impetus to the administration's attacks was that traditional news organizations such as the NY Times were beginning to follow Fox News reports and scoops:

Later that week, White House officials said, they noticed a column by Clark Hoyt, the public editor of The Times, in which Jill Abramson, one of the paper’s two managing editors, described her newsroom’s “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” The Washington Post’s executive editor, Marcus Brauchli, had already expressed similar concerns about his newsroom.

White House officials said comments like those had focused them on a need to make their case that Fox had an ideological bent undercutting its legitimacy as a news organization.
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  1. Thankfully - assuming we have any reason to be "thankful" about current political developments - malignant narcissistic personalities new to positions of power have the distinct tendency to go to any lengths to silence all critics ... whether real or perceived.

    I write "thankfully" precisely because Obama and his gestapo went way, way beyond the proverbial pale long before I thought they would, thus forcing the collective hand of the other major networks. They had themselves a most uncomfy "choose you this day" moment, so to speak.

    Realizing the chilling implications of allowing the Obama caliphate to get away with permanently censoring Fox News from the pool, the caliphate having provoked an embarrassing show down, thus forced the major news networks into casting their collective lot with their hated nemesis ... Fox News!

    How deliciously ironic is that?

    May I recommend Dr. Sanity's - "Shining a psychological spotlight on a few of the insanities of life" - excellent insight into our malignant narcissist-in-chief in her blog post today, which is entitled, simply:

    "CONNED": http://bit.ly/yAUQf

  2. Deb has given an excellent summary with her comments regarding the malignant narcissism of this particular President.

    Not even tricky Dicky Nixon was this bad. I am old enough to remember the Nixon days, and I can only go by my foreigner perspective because he did get a lot of bad press at the time.

    In fact Nixon had to put up with the Left and their whining about the South East Asian wars - Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They called him mad bomber Nixon. Yet the Left never mentions the bombing raids that are going on in Afghanistan and on the border of Pakistan.

    As a foreigner I feel a lot of concern that people can be so stupid to think that when this man does nothing about a decision that it is due to careful deliberation.... what a load of mushroom fodder!!! It is due to indecisiveness. This man does not have a clue about how to react appropriately in any given situation. I will bet that when Angela Merkel was in the USA during the Iran protest crisis and Neda was murdered, that Mrs. Merkel had to tell Obama to get off his duff and condemn the actions of the Basijj.

    It is so very wrong of the Obama Administration to go after FOX News just because they will not fall into line and do the same amount of boot licking that one sees on the other networks. The American people need to have their eyes opened for them. Unfortunately there are still too many middle aged white women who are going around with stars in their eyes saying.... he will make a difference, just you wait and see.... even as your country is falling into the pit of communism.

    People need to stop pretending that Obama is not a Marxist. Look at his appointees such as Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Holdren, Anita Dunn, and the list goes on.... look at those who shaped his opinions... Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Valerie Jarret, Wade Rathke.... and the list goes....

    Fox News has been right on the ball in exposing the cronyism, the voter fraud and so many other things. Fox News has exposed a lot of what is wrong with the unconstitutional attempt to force the Health Insurance issue.

    Look at the role of CNN in the Honduras.... it was and remains disgusting....

  3. This historical fight between the Obama administration and its real (not at all imagined) enemies lay bare before the American voter the fundamental notion of ‘greatness’ we inherently assign our celebrities and political class.

    Instead they are merely human. Sometimes they are base and obviously narcissist. Sometimes just crooks; occasionally they are great leaders.

    This crew in the White House is demonstrating their collective character: a gang of third-rate lefties mixed with some pretty good political campaigners. Even the Liberal media is beginning to recognize their Chosen One is playing them as Dorothy behind a façade. In the corner, behind the green curtain is Rahm Emanuel.

    Rahm’s job is to steer this gang of immature egg-heads through the next 3 years while sticking as close as possible to the aspirations of his own mentors in Congress (the Wicked Witch of the West Coast) and his political benefactors back in the Land of Oz that is Chicago.

    Our job is to stay vigilant with the ever more awakening American electorate and boot these guys out starting in 2010.