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Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Deserved Nobel For Promise He Cannot Keep

Why am I still writing about the foolishness of the Nobel Peace Prize being given to Barack Obama? Maybe it's because there still are people writing strained justifications for what everyone knows to be unjustifiable.

Now this from John Nichols at The Nation: Obama deserved and earned the Nobel Peace Prize because during the Democratic presidential campaign Obama "declared for diplomacy" by promising to meet in his first year in office without preconditions with the leaders of Syria, Venezuela, and Iran. For some reason, Nichols forgot to mention that Obama also promised to meet, in the same statement, to meet with the leaders of Cuba and North Korea.

Obama said yes to meetings without preconditions, Hillary said no. Good Obama, bad Hillary (or something like that).

This earth shattering promise by Obama would be easy to pick apart, as Hillary correctly did, but it really doesn't matter. Nichols (who also happens to have repeatedly misstated the Bush administration's record as to swine flu preparation), would not be convinced. After all, Nichols writes in the same post that "an argument can be made that replacing [George W.] Bush's reign of error is sufficient accomplishment."

Hint: Someone was going to replace Bush since he was at the end of his second term, so replacing Bush is not much of a ground for a Nobel Peace Prize.

No, the beauty of Nichols' justification is that the basis of the justification is on the verge of being proven to be untrue. Obama already is almost in his 10th month in office. While Obama did have a brief encounter with Hugo Chavez at an OAS meeting a few months ago, there are no announced or obvious plans for Obama to meet with Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Kim Jong-il of North Korea, Fidel Castro of Cuba, or any of the other leaders of those countries by the end of Obama's first year in office. The problem is that none of these people want to meet with Obama without preconditions.

So the Obama promise of meetings in his first year in office with the leaders of Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba is a promise which will not be kept. And the reason the promise will not be kept proves the immature nature not only of Obama's promise, but also of those who seek to use the promise to justify Obama getting the prize.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm still in shock. He also seems to be such a rank amateur diplomatically that many of our international friends appear embarrassed for the rest of us.