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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama On Verge of Victory In Honduras

It's hard to know if the situation in Honduras is as dire as reports indicate. Apparently the Obama administration is on the verge of winning in Honduras by forcing the constitutional authorities -- the legislature, the courts, the interim government -- to allow back into power the Hugo Chavez wannabe and puppet, Manuel Zelaya.

This from the NY Times, on the pressures which have resulted in a proposal which would return Zelaya to power:

Stung by the loss of their American visas and concerned about Honduras’s increasing international isolation, the country’s leading businessmen have put forward their own plan to resolve the political crisis here....

The United States has stepped up sanctions in stages in an effort to press the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti to negotiate with Mr. Zelaya. After initially suspending military aid and then some economic aid, the United States said in early September that it would revoke visas to members of the de facto government and their supporters.

As I have said before, I hope Obama fails in Honduras with his disreputable, dishonest, and disingenuous policy. If only Obama were one-tenth as tough with our enemies as he is with our friends.

But maybe I have it backwards, because maybe those most Americans consider our enemies -- like Chavez -- are actually viewed by Obama as our friends. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "friend" is.

Please hang on Honduras. It's not just about you anymore.

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  1. Like I said the other day, the real lesson from all of this is that when you remove a Leftist thug/despot from power, shoot him. If you don't, the entire weight of the western world will be brought to bear on you. He could have eaten a live baby on national tv, and they'd still come to his rescue. No such concern if you are removing a Righty.
    Idi Amin was the dumbest ruler of the 20th century. If he'd just said the two magic words, "Agrarian Reformer", he'd be featured on liberal t-shirts all around the world.

  2. Of course it depends on your meaning of "friend." But then again Obama has a different definition of the word "tax" than anyne else, including the dictionary so why should his definition of "friend" be any different as well.

  3. The Honduras situation that the lamestream media is staffed by real tools.

    They just cannot accept that there was no coup and that there is not a defacto govt in Honduras.

    This example of Obama diplomacy shows that what you have as President is a first class idiot with no comprehension of what is required on the world stage. What he has done in Honduras is meddle at a level that it just totally breathtaking. I cannot think of a time in more recent history where the USA has meddled to such a large degree in the affairs of another govt..... and at the same time turns her back on those who really do need support... in Iran.....

  4. Surely Mr. Jacobson you cannot be a tenured Professor since you appear rational, intelligent, and conservative. As far as my experience goes with higher education (PhD) a conservative point of view will have you marginalized and ridiculed faster than teaching class in the nude. I enjoy your blog and continue to be impressed.

  5. We´re are hanging in here Professor
    Cesar A. Gonzalez