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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doug Hoffman Is Scaaary!

Dede Scazzafava's decision to drop out of the NY-23 race has evoked a round of name-calling and fear-mongering from the left-wing blogosphere not seen since ... Wednesday when the left-wing blogosphere shouted "you lie" at Joe Lieberman and called Lieberman a traitor:
  • DownWithTyrrany! - Doug Hoffman is an "ultra right extremist."
  • Andrew Sullivan - "This blood in the water will bring on more and more and deadlier and deadlier sharks."
  • AMERICAblog - "There is no room for different ideas in the modern day GOP. The teabaggers rule their world."
  • Jake McIntyre at DailyKos- Republican Party now "a wild-eyed, exclusionist, birther religio-beast."
  • Hullabaloo - Watch for the return of the "radical, paranoid right wingers."
There is a method to this madness. Hoffman has not won the election yet. Expect a full-out media blitz by the Democrats in the last three days of the campaign to portray Hoffman as the reincarnation of Timothy McVeigh.

It's a meme the George Soros crowd is dusting off as we speak.

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  1. They were also shocked, shocked, when it turned out that Pope Benedict was really really Catholic.

  2. If I may paraphrase:


  3. Looks like we offended the ultra-left wing friends of the GOP Assistant Democrats. Are we now supposed to apologize? Are we only allowed to support candidates who meet the approval of these nuts? Talk about a non sequitur.

  4. Thanks for scouring the pits. The reactions are predictable in their uniformity. Gotta love irony.

  5. Hoffman sounds presidential. And, by that I mean that he sounds like George Bush and other RINOs on a fundamental topic that - if handled the Bush and probably Hoffman way - leads to higher taxes and more power for the Dems. Hopefully someone will ask him about that on video so his supporters can find out exactly where he stands on raising their taxes.

  6. @LonewackoDotCom - your assertions are not supported by your link, which is to your own blog.

  7. "I ain't a skeert" as we say here in Texas. The momentum is clearly shifting back to the conservatives. Now if we could just get the GOP on board.

  8. It'll be hilarious if the Democrat happens to win that one.

  9. The House could really use a GOP who is a trained CPA about now.

  10. "It's a meme the George Soros crowd is dusting off as we speak."

    Why don't you compaire the media influenc George Soros has compaired to right-wing billionares Rupert Murdock, Richard Mellon Scaife, the Adolph Coors family (with their ties to neo-Nazi groups), The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch, the Sinclair brothers of Sinclair Broadcasting, Roger Milliken, Richard "Dick" Farmer, Stanley Stub Hubbard, George Argyros, Carl Lindner, Sheldon Adelson and a whole host of others.

    George Soros... give me a break.

  11. Professor Jacobson:

    I've been covering imm. matters since 2002 in literally thousands of posts, including a few at Malkin's site. You're welcome to disagree with me, but the idea that I can't tell the difference between a Tancredo and a GWB is absurd. Based on what's on his site, Hoffman is much closer to the latter when it comes to imm. matters.

    If you disagree with what I wrote, spell out exactly where you disagree.

  12. DaveMartin: Are you under some delusion that Neo-Nazi's have anything to do with conservatives? You do realize Nazi were the socialist party.. socialists like Soros, Obamas and .. well maybe you?

    And you are of course extending your delusions to thinking Murdoch is a Conservative? lol. only because your continued delusions thought have Fox.. as sometime having conservatives representatives unlike the rest of Lame Stream Media. who only abuse and vilify them. I know that cheer and cockles of your cold heart.. but what they say out is is lies.

    And if you would. .please show these others are "conservatives' and that these conservatives have anything near as disgusting a history and the horrible George Soros in bringing down free people and economies. Please.. just a little documentation for your histrionics. We are waiting.

  13. If there's a full-out media blitz from the left-wing blogosphere, but nobody cares to read it--let alone take the name-calling and fear-mongering seriously--does this mean it never actually happens?

    I think the loony-left fear-mongering is more or less the journalistic release of the Democrats own fear of what to expect in the coming elections. They see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's getting bigger every day, and that scares them - a lot. And it should. The Democrats have completely mishandled and abused the power they were given when elected to office during the previous electoral races. So the only blame to go around is for the mistakes they themselves have made.

  14. When is anyone going to start pointing out that the loony left that is running everything in this country represents a whopping 20% of the electorate??? That according to last week's Gallup poll asking the electorate to self-identify as to party identification.

    Twenty (20%) percent of the electorate are pushing around the other 80% of conservatives (40% same Gallup poll) and moderates.

    That loony 20% has made great sport of convincing the rest of us that we don't count. This has to stop. NOW.

  15. Just a FYI

    24aheaddotcom aka "lonewhacko" above is spamming the same message on several blogs.

  16. No way Obama's leftist:
    * He doesn't believe in Gay Marriage
    * He promised to be post-partisan
    * He's made himself available to a full spectrum of media outlets
    * He only wants to tax the rich and everybody hates the rich!