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Friday, October 9, 2009

So I Guess All Military Options Are Off The Table Now

My initial reaction to Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize was that this was Obamamania gone wild. That's part of it.

But I think there is more to it. The internationalists have tied Obama's hands. Will Obama continue ordering drones to bomb houses in Pakistan? Will he listen to the military as to how to win in Afghanistan? Is there any choice but to consent to an Iranian nuclear weapon?

Will the Peace Prize winner take all military options off the table?

This Peace Prize was given to Obama in order manipulate our policies and national security decisions. And I think it will work.

At least until the next Presidential election.

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  1. I agree. They baited him, and he is taking it.

  2. The shortest and best summation for this ridiculous award I've seen yet - Bravo, Mr. Jacobson!

  3. I wonder what Gen. McChrystal's reaction was when he heard this news today?

  4. I think there's no question that this amounts to pressure on Obama from Euro elites to keep up the good peace-making work.

    Of course, Obama may wind up shorting Afghanistan, caving in to Iran and screwing Israel anyway, but I doubt the prize will have much to do with that.

    As many are saying, it actually may make it harder politically for Obama to wimp out spectacularly.

  5. After thinking about it, it almost seems like bribery, or they know he is easily flattered. I guess if I wanted a foreign leader to do what I want, and I could stroke his ego, I would do so early in his term so he could be manipulated rather than actually wait for him to do something and screw up.

    I read that 70% of the French voted non and 30% oui that he deserved it. Interesting.

  6. The Norwegians have rewarded Obama for the power of His Presence, which guarantees that he'll have no stomach for making any of those pesky hard decisions necessary for an American President in a dangerous world. With only France standing up to Iran, Israel now has no choice but to launch military strikes on Iran. It's as if Norway has declared war on Israel.

  7. I agree with all of the above comments. It is the most astonishing and most shocking decision.

    If they had awarded him instead with the Neville Chamberlain prize for appeasement, I would understand... but he has done nothing to deserve a Nobel prize.

  8. My husband attended the NPR Science Friday Live event at Bailey Hall today. When they do a live show, they play the music and the news for the audience, cues I guess. Anyway, between hours 1 & 2 they did the headlined stories, and one was quoting Rush Limbaugh's take on the Nobel prize. He expected an eruption from a typically left leaning crowd, and was shocked by the silence.

    Could it be that everyone is beginning to see the light?