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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Earthquake in NY-23 - Scazzafava Quits

There is a political earthquake breaking in the NY-23 race. Republican insider Dede Scazzafava has quit the race, as reported first by Robert Stacey McCain, who is on the scene in upstate NY. HotAir is collecting the sources and information.

This will pit Conservative Doug Hoffman against Democrat Bill Owens.

Now it is a straight-up referendum on Obama, and the future of the country. A liberal against a conservative, with party labels meaningless.

UPDATE: Some commenters are questioning whether the NY-23 race is about Obama. Here's what Owens said yesterday, in anticipation of Joe Biden's visit Monday:
“I’m honored to have the President and Vice President’s support," Owens said in a statement announcing the vice-presidential visit. "I am excited to welcome the Vice President to Watertown where we’ll discuss my plans to create jobs Upstate and my commitment to helping turn the page on the George Bush economic agenda.”

Owens made this a referendum on Obama when it was a three-way race. It still is, but even more so.

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  1. Thank you "Tea Party Express", thank you! How can I join? Will the Express now expand and do they need buses and money???

  2. Considering that a Democrat hasn't won this seat in 140 years, I fail to see how this will be a referendum on the country.

  3. No democrat has won that district in 120 years. The democrat who's running against Hoffman is further right than Scazzafava. How on earth does this amount to a referendum on Obama?

  4. It's a referendum on Conservatism, my friends. And Obama is the Anti-Conservative. It's a referendum on whether the RINO strategy works, and it's clear it does not.

  5. An almost guaranteed win in NY23 is "a straight-up referendum on Obama?"

    That's called "desperation framing" folks, just like the Olympics were "a straight-up referendum on Obama." It doesn't have to make logical sense. It only has to be framed as a loss for Obama. How else are they to describe this situation? The GOP almost blows a guaranteed win due to the self-inflicted Shermanization of the party by the tea-baggers? No. That hits too close to home. Best to spin it in a good light (albeit, and artificial light).

    NEXT UP: The Sunrise will be "a straight-up referendum on Obama." If it rises in the east, a BIG WIN for the GOP and right-wingers.

    P.S. http://tbogg.firedoglake.com/2009/10/31/all-our-base-are-belong-to-us/

  6. @iLarynx - You don't improve the power of your argument by pasting in links to TBogg, the class clown of the loony left.

  7. Mr. Jacobsen,

    You don't improve the power of your argument by attacking the source of the counter-argument rather than addressing the counter-argument itself. Such a fallacy is a staple of the radical right.

    Your update, by the way, is ridiculous. You seem to have realized your statement that this election is a referrendum on Obama was specious so you are attributing the argument to Owens based on a quote that says nothing of the kind. In other words, you wrote something stupid but it's not your fault because, see, the Democrat said it even though he didn't, really.

    I hope that this kind of sloppy reasoning is only a staple of your political beliefs and does not represent your qualities as an instructor. Otherwise, I feel for your students.