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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinking Doers

A slow awakening of our reality is sinking in on many fronts. One of those realities is that we have moved ever more drastically from a nation led by doers to a nation led by non-doers.

Some formulate this as The Doers vs. The 'Thinkers' but I think that gives too much credit to the non-doers, and suggests that people who actually build companies, create jobs, and generate economic activity lack the quality of a "thinker."

This is a theme about which I have written before related to Sarah Palin (Are Anti-Palin Intellectuals Anti-Intelligence?) and the ever-increasing (h/t a reader) predominance of law professors in the Obama administration (Should Law Professors Really Be Running The Government?)

This administration epitomizes this disastrous trend towards governance by those who are only book-smart, life-long politicians, or money-movers. People who never have done anything in their lives to generate the type of sustained, organic economic activity that grows an economy and creates long-term jobs.

The stimulus bill, the pending health care restructuring bills, and the cap-and-tax legislation all are reflective of a mentality that politicians with word-processors and degrees know better than individual Americans what is best for each of us. A fear of what Washington sees as the great unwashed actually making decisions for themselves.

In other words, we have moved towards governance by those who study the people rather than governance by the people.

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  1. We have two political parties in this country--those who pay taxes and those who get paid BY taxes. The latter are in charge.


  2. Most recently, I've seen a resurrgence of 'doers' started, in part by Glenn Becks TV program on the 9-12 Moms. http://asamom.ning.com/ (As A Mom...- A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots) and at least one off-shoot of As A Mom is http://selfreliantmoms.ning.com/ (Self Reliant Moms)

    There is great concern among the women of our country, and by joining together they could create one heck of a voting block as well as a force to be recognized.

    These are not violent activists, they are women determined to protect family and home, especially the children.

  3. The legislative tactic is "Give me anything that passes, we'll rearrange it later to do what we want".

    This fictional memo has surfaced:

    Memo - Health Plan Deficit Reduction
    From:   Chairman [redacted] of the [redacted] Committee
    To:        Healthcare Reform Drafting Group II
    Re:        Finessing the Health Plan Deficit
    Please hold off on more complexity. I asked for enough boards, committees, commissions, and regulators to confuse things and distract our opponents. You went overboard, but that is not a big problem. Just don't add more.

    (See the whole memo)

  4. The economy, healthcare reform, and how to conduct oneself internationally are three areas where the ineptitude of non-doers is shining brightly.

  5. A penetrating observation, Professor.

    The Left develops their ideas, in a sense, in a lab, away from the real world. They set the climate conditions to their own liking, creating an artificial environment for their ideas to develop in. In other words, the Left molds their policies and programs and philosophy to fit in conditions ideal to their thinking. They then work to implement these ideas in a real world for which the ideas are not suited to and, therefore, can never acclimatize to. And being that these ideas have never been put through real testing, they inevitably don't work. And considering that these ideas most often are imposed on human beings, people get hurt or killed. This is the nature of the Leftist Beast.

    Quoted from and linked to at: BEAUTY AND THE LEFTIST BEAST