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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Think I Know The Answer To This Question

I cannot comment on this diagnosis of clinical narcissism, since I only took Intro to Psychology in college, although I have commented on certain non-clinical aspects of the Won's persona.

But the author of the diagnosis in question poses a further question, so I'll raise my hand, because I think I know the answer:
I know that the president believes himself a good man. My nervy query to him is: "Does he believe America to be a good country?"
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  1. He seems to hold great malice toward America and Americans in general. His campaign of change was founded on ripping apart society and re-ordering it after his utopian socialist model. You don't do that to something you love and cherish.

    Americans were stupid enough to vote him into office. We need to be smart enough to vote both Dear Leader and his acolytes out of office.

  2. I think he sees America as a present and historical engine of oppression and moral failing (particularly to the degree that it has hindered/opposed domestic and foreign Marxism), one in great need of humbling, and more importantly, redemption and forgiveness, primarily through the exercise of submitting to his leadership (as he considers himself the pinnacle of virtue) and enacting his policies. Which is why its okay for him to play as roughly as he wants to defeat those morally deficient souls (us) who don't step in line--we are either evil or criminally foolish/wrong-minded. In short, he's a typical Leftist.

    Bill Clinton's ego had bounds. I honestly don't think this man's has any.

  3. Obama despises our country and its citizens.

    He's a spiritual product of 'God Damn America' Jeremiah Wright, who pounded into Obama over one thousand Sundays how God was an 'enemy' if He didn't help destroy 'white oppressors'.

    He's a political creature of Bill Ayers, the seditious domestic terrorist who bombed more federal buildings than Timothy McVeigh, and who was recently photographed STANDING on a US flag.

    Obama has many other rabidly anti-American associations as a young man before and during his time in Harvard that clearly show that he has learned his lessons well.

    Obama truly hates this country and intends to rule it unless he is stopped.