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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trick or Treat Time in NY-26

Sunday I put out an Emergency Call in NY-26 based on the mischief being created by false flag Tea Party candidate Jack Davis.  New polling (albeit by PPP) purports to show the Democrat with a few points lead.

A win by the Democrat in this Republican district -- even if created by a phony Tea Party candidate siphoning off votes from the Republican-- will be spun as a major victory for Obama.  You will hear nothing but how it signals Obama's turnaround, how it reflects Obama's new found popularity after the bin Laden kill, and how it signals unhappiness with Republicans. 

You will not hear a word in the MSM about the fact that Davis is not a real Tea Party candidate, and instead this will further be portrayed as part of a schism in the Republican Party and reflecting how the Tea Party movement hurts Republicans.

The stakes are big in this little race.

American Crossroads (Karl Rove's group) is putting money into the race on behalf of the Republican.

More details at The Other McCain and Lonely Conservative.

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  1. Blame clearly belongs to the GOP for selecting Corwin instead of Bellavia.

  2. Thanks for following this. I made my little contribution to this little race.