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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spiking The Football Is Addictive

Someone should start keeping count, and see which rises faster, the national debt or Obama's use of the bin Laden killing:

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  1. I guess as I get older my mind plays tricks on me. I keep thinking that I remember back when we got Saddam Hussein that liberals cautioned us against using it for political purposes.

  2. And people wonder why Obama sat on his thumbs for 9 months before giving the order to wack bin Laden.

    Timing is everything, no?

  3. Maybe someone should remind Obama that 5 CIA agents got killed December 30th 2009 because of a double agent.

  4. Go for it, Obama. Polling shows most voters don't give you credit, but to the intelligence community & the SEALS. Makes you look even smaller than you did in that chair in the ginned-up fake "situation room" photo-op.

  5. OH NOES - note the "stump" reference...! Is that an NON PC REFERENCE?! (ya know because Islamic radicals often behead their victims?)

    ... or is it just a happy reference to chopping down a tree...

    dunno, so hard to keep up with all these "clever" tweeters (or is it twits?) these days

  6. Frankly, I'm happy the OBL raid went down when it did. Obama will most likely milk this achievement dry long before the election. It is his one real positive accomplishment, after all.

  7. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
    Just who does this appeal to?
    HIs base?
    The right wing?
    Not when you jump the shark this way.
    So BO DO IT!
    Keep doing it!!

  8. ordering the raid was the equivalent of falling out of a boat and getting wet ... he didn't like it and won't repeat anything like that again ...

  9. How long until Obama uses the phrase "pull the trigger" in reference to making the decision?

  10. Unfortunately, the deficit will still rise faster. Even if he could say it once a second for every second of every day, it would take him 31.7 years to say it 1 billion times. How quickly does the deficit go up $1B? Every hour?

  11. Charles Hurt at the Washington Times (formerly of the NY Post) has a pretty good take on actions of the narcis-spiker in chief actually calling those of us who want to celebrate the takedown "ugly Americans" while he revels in spiking the ball at every stop!

    From his column:
    . . .

    "Of course, no lecture from Professor Obama would be complete without a fat stripe of hypocrisy running right through the middle of it.

    And so after telling all of us ugly Americans not to "spike the ball," he promptly embarked on a week-long dance in the endzone featuring enough ball spikings to have him benched for the rest of the season.

    There he was spiking the ball at ground zero and then he was in Kentucky, grinning from ear to ear and spiking the ball. Then he met behind closed doors with the Navy SEALs who actually carried out the operation for a little private ball spiking.

    The guy was suddenly so enthused about the whole war on terror one might forget his administration's efforts to ban the phrase "war on terror," close Gitmo and generally apologize to the Muslim world for all these ugly Americans."

    . . . .

  12. As Tec, the gang leader, says in the 2003 movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted” ...
    Tec: [high-pitched scream] STOP IT! You say one more line and I’mma have to smoke myself!
    Obama has made himself into a “one trick pony” that has run it’s course.