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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hollywood Began Its Campaign To Re-Elect Obama Last Night

Barack Obama's speech at the White House correspondents' dinner last night was small and petty.  Watch it below, and compare it to similar appearances by George Bush.

Bush, who was under attack from the media, academia and the entertainment industry on a scale which makes the "birther" issue look like small potatoes, nonetheless conducted himself with grace and was mostly self-deprecating in his humor:

By contrast, Obama used his appearance as a chance, in a setting where he would be unchallenged, to take cheap shots at Donald Trump, Fox News and several Republicans in the audience.  The "jokes" were not funny, and Obama came across as unpresidential:

I'm no fan of Trump, but the conduct of Obama was abysmal. He has proven, once again, that he is temperamentally unfit to be President, he is unable to rise above his ego and his politics.

But the worst was reserved for Seth Meyers, the lead writer at Saturday Night Live who was the entertainment for the night.

This is how the entertainment industry will do it. Everything is about race, and anyone who criticizes Obama is racist.

Considering that Meyers is the lead writer for SNL, one can only imagine the fair and balanced treatment to be seen in SNL's skits.

Last night marked the official beginning of Hollywood's effort to re-elect Obama.

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  1. George and Laura Bush had class. Sadly, it is nonexistent with the present duo.

  2. I thought Meyers was a lot more funny than the stuff that appears on SNL. As for Obama, the dinner is a more set up as a lovefest crowd for a Dem president. That's why it's more biting whn a Replican is in office.

  3. Great post. I was more horrified by the sound of the fawning, cheering and undeniable worshiping adoration most in the room had for Obama.

    These are the people in charge of the media, the news story and the truth. It's frightening to see this evolve here in the United States. The elitist Liberals can't get enough of him. They have placed this one incompetant fool above all dead or living Presidents as the most brilliant and genius of them all.

    When there is no humility, there is no freedom.

  4. "the conduct of Obama is abysmal"

    Ahh, much better..

  5. I thought President Obama did fine, right up until the Lion King joke played itself out. After that, it just wasn't funny. Jokes should never be meanspirited, especially when you're the president of the whole country.

  6. Earlier in the day the correspondents fell all over themselves during the surprise visit of a rock star to the White House Correspondents’ Brunch.

    "Look at all these reporters who typically rip her a new one mosey on up to her, desperate to get a photograph."

  7. I agree that Teh Won looked small and petty. His "jokes" fell flat. And the body language -- he is an angry, angry person. Look carefully at his face when he was delivering the "Bachmann" joke -- daggers of hate were shooting out of his eyes.

    Clearly, the campaign to unmask who Obama "really" is is getting under his skin.

    Which is why it must continued to be pressed.

    "Why all the secrets?"

  8. I can't remember the official definition, but I learned in a psych class about the various types of racism. One type of racism was the being too nice kind. I believe the mainstream media is practicing this kind of racism on Obama, that is why they will never criticize him. Every politician, heck even normal everyday people who are politically active, face severe scrutiny. Not Obama, they just keep treating him like he is too special to be treated like a normal politician. Perhaps Obama has always been surrounded by too nice racist whites, that would explain why he has never learned to deal with criticism as any normal person would learn through the trials and tribulations of life.

  9. I watched Clinton as well as Bush's speeches in the past, they were very self-deprecating, most of the jokes were about them.

    To call this man a "president" is demeaning the word. Whether you like Trump or not, what I saw yesterday was a petulant little boy at a podium attacking a member of an audience who could not respond.

    As for how it will play out, oh yes, the DC elities will yuke it up, outside the DC bubble this will backfire and massively.

    Trump is an extemely wealthy man who has extremely wealthy friends, many of them contributed to Obama, how do you think they think now? If they step out of line, they will tarred and feathered and called a racist as well.

    This was a short term gain for a long term loss. As an independent, this has only hardened my opinion of Obama as a petulant little boy with a very thin skin. I was willing to cut him a break, not his policies, but him as a person, but after yesterday's disgusting display, my opinion of him as a person has gone down the toilet.

    He really is nothing but a race baiting petulant little boy who is in far over his head & he and his media will attempt to destroy (rich like Trump, or middle class like Joe the Plumber) anyone who voices opposition to him.

    It is very much like a dictarorship. At least with Bush, the media was agrressively and many times unfairly, attacking him. Now, we have a massive collusion of state and the media that considers anyone who opposes their Messaih an "enemy"

    I will be rooting for Trump, this was not just an attack on Trump, it was an attack on any American who opposes this boy wonder, because if they voice opposition, they now see how they will be attacked.

  10. How does anyone fight back against this monopoly of liberal leftists? This is what sunk the hope of ANY opposing candidate against Obama. McCain was just the RINO of record; no one had a chance against this propaganda machine back in 2008.

    How to counter it?! That is the question.

    If this is not countered effectively, by both alternative media and with MSM accountability, then the One will, once again, control the narrative and, thus, the minds of the masses (i.e. the TV addicts).

    A side note: I watched again the "How Obama God Elected" interview video the other day (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm1KOBMg1Y8)

    I was astonished that many of those interviewed answered the question, "Where do you get your news? What media outlet(s)?" by saying "Jon Stewart" "Colbert Report" or "[Bill]Maher".

    It was a BIG DEAL in 2008 when MSM hacks used the Tina Fey parody clip rather than Sarah Palin herself (it was Tina, you will recall who said, "....and I can see Russia from my house!!" NOT Sarah Palin).

    The MSM excuse was "everyone knows that she is a comedian, that SNL is entertainment." Even Obama said as much at the time. The answers of these people shows otherwise. More "news" is gathered by average people via "comedians imitating newscasters", it would appear, than CNN or the nets. Does our TV addiction=death of liberty? Perhaps.

    It begins. True patriots, Conservitives, and TEA Party members: we need to get FIRED UP! READY TO GO!

  11. Maybe the Lion King wasn't the best reference. Hopefully people will reference it as "The Lyin' King"!!!

  12. I thought Pres Bush video was hilarious but I could not do a re-take of Obama and listen to Obama again. I saw and heard quite enough of him on the news last night. He and his wife have no class. It's a typical if you "grease my hand, I'll grease yours" so why shouldn't Hollywood follow so closely like the guy that cleans up the manure after a parade.

    Donald Trump was also in Las Vegas for the wedding of Steve Wynn with Clint Eastwood as Mr. Wynn's best man. I can only imagine what some of their conversations might have been!

  13. Obama's stuff was weak. But then Obama is weak. Not funny, not competent either

  14. @Tim and DINORightMarie

    Combining your observations, they illuminate a strategy for defeating this individual at election, even one of his corrupt variety:

    Draw him out. Let everyone and anyone who can, invite his ire. Especially candidates. Invite him to call one a racist, a terrorist, a whatever. Invite him to feel compelled to go in public to demonstrate his ugly nature and the ugly nature of his mate. Invite them to destroy their "enemies."

    Trump is applying this strategy with skill. Continue it at every opportunity and in every occasion of one's orbit in life. Draw out his supporters. Invite them to occupy Capitols, throw bricks, abuse citizens, etc. Let them show themselves. Invite them to extend their line of communication in pursuit of you. It will snap (cf. Tim's comment).

    Tyrants and their supports and benefactors are their own worst enemies. Invite them to self-reveal. For them to self-reveal is to self-immolate.

  15. ... The speech is a lot less classy than I even heard it was.

  16. So Obama bashes Trump while he is in the room an unable to respond, did the same thing to the Supreme Court at the SOTU, and even invited Paul Ryan to a speech so that he could do he same to him. Clearly, Obama took Teddy Roosevelt's "Bully Pulpit" remark entirely the wrong way! :)

  17. "The "jokes" were not funny, and Obama came across as unpresidential:" Heck, he has always been unpresidential. The Forrest Gump of politics is stunningly incompetent, and those who confuse the personal with the policy are always going to detect "racism" as the basis for the critique.
    Why when a white man was president did they allow the memes of "Bush stole the election" and "Bush lied" to go unscrutinized, while focusing on something so stupid as a birth certificate? Where are the protests against the use of force without congressional approval, keeping Gitmo open, the expansion of Presidential power?
    Nowhere, because he is black. That my friends is true racism.

  18. Now you know why I left the Democratic Party. Voted for Bush and and never looked back.

  19. @Matthew Knee

    Great observation. Think of the psychology of it.

    Compare the Mitt Romney post on this blog page with the Correspondents dinner. The presidential race is 2 years away. Imagine how bad this is going to get.

    I see only a sliver of a scenario where a Republican President CAN get elected. Most of them are too unknown to withstand the coming withering birage from virtually every media channel.

    It controls the message, the topic, the scene, and puts everyone on the defensive even through a surreal obfuscation of reality.

    Progressives learned from Dan Rather and the Tea Parties; take the gloves off.

    Consider this: The Republicans remain largely rational. In this regard, Trump actually has it right; go strange, capture the news, and redefine the conversation.

  20. They had the wrong Disney clip. I think it should be this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuBdWxR17Fw

    He just added to the birther movement: Lion King was filmed on location in Kenya. Bambi was filmed in the U.S. of A., on location. Except Bambi came out before The One was watching, and so it doesn't count.

  21. I thought that it started out quite funny. If Obama had left it at the Lion King video, it was well-done. Too bad he had to go offensive after that. Bush's was hilarious. Is it bad that I really wasn't sure which one was him?