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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Someone Worth Remembering

"Rep. Peter King, a Republican from New York, is planning to introduce legislation that would make it illegal to bring a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official, according to a person familiar with the congressman's intentions."

This is really, really stupid. And, of course, Bloomberg is allegedly in favor of it.

On the other side of the same ridiculous coin there is Rep. Brady (D-PA) who "plans to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress."

You can't legislate away lunatics, folks. However, some Congressmen - who hopefully have better (or at least more benign) things to do - plan to atrophy free speech and the second amendment in order to give the illusion of their security.

In the midst of this media firestorm and the subsequent proposal of moronic laws, I hope you take the time to read a particularly thoughtful article by Matthew Shaffer in NRO. Dorwan Stoddard will not have his name in history books, but he sure deserves my attention more than some bloviating legislative cow (or news anchor).

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  1. So if the 'official' is riding down the road in his chauffeured car, the road clears out? The local neighborhoods clear out? And if he should drive by a gun range, what then?

    This is what most call just dumb.

  2. Another weak-kneed RINO worth remembering: Tim Pawlenty.


    Quote from link:

    Former Minnesota gov. Tim Pawlenty, who called Palin “a force of nature” last week, told the New York Times that he disagreed with Palin’s use of crosshairs.

    “It’s not a device I would have chosen to do. Everybody has got their own style or different approaches,” Pawlenty said. “But I don’t want to have anyone infer that there’s evidence in this case that it caused or was a contributing factor. We don’t know that.”

    What a wuss.

  3. @10ksnooker, Clearly Loughner would have been discouraged from bringing his firearm to a rally if this law was in place. I mean, the definition of a murderer is someone who kills others with great respect to the---- ah, darn it! They don't listen to the law in the first place!

  4. Technically, a bazooka is not a gun.

  5. Its a dangerous world. And that's in no small part due to the decisions and policies of elected officials and the judiciary. If a congressman or judge is scared to go out in public because some animal might target him for violence, guess what, millions of Americans have to face the same fear each day, be it from drug addicts, gang members, habitual felons that aren't kept in jail, lunatics the elites are too enlightened to institutionalize, criminal illegal aliens that seem utterly immune to the law, etc. Except when one of us gets raped or killed, its not 24/7 news for a month.

    I don't want anyone to get hurt. Our system of government works in no small part because violence is such a rare occurrence in it. But I can't muster much sympathy for the political class' desire to further insulate itself from an electorate whom they obviously seem to increasingly disdain and disregard. Nor from the consequences of their policies that us regular folks have to face every single day.

    Again, political violence is out of bounds. But, you know, politicians being a little scared of the public is probably a good thing.

  6. so they will be even more elite than they already think that they are, like Moses clearing a 2000ft swath through the land for the Senators passes, be damned with anyone else's constitutional rights...
    We need to enforce term limits and reading classes for the pseudo kings and queens.

  7. When will some idiot in D.C. introduce a bill that says that no pilot can get within 1,000 feet of a Congressman since more Congressmen have been killed in airplanes than have been killed by guns?

    How long will we have to endure the stupidity of those elected elites?

  8. Someone ought to tell the congresscritters that if they are truly afraid of being attacked by someone who is pissed off, they might consider changing their behavior to piss off fewer people.

  9. Also Someone Worth Remembering..

    Col. Bill Badger, USA Ret., 74, who tackled Loughner even after being shot himself.


    Joe Zamudio, 24, legally carrying, who ran out of a store where he was buying cigarettes towards the shots and was the third man who helped tackle Loughner.


    Patricia Maisch, 61, who grabbed gun clips from Loughner while they all wrestled on the ground.

    Roger Salzgeber, who was the second man to tackle Loughner and may have been the person who hit Loughner first with a chair.

  10. If they really are scared, they could always give up the powers and privilege of office and resign.

    What? What? Stop laughing!

  11. @viator, great point, thank you.

    You guys crack me up!

  12. What John said. LOL!

    Maybe we need legislation making Congress a protected minority group. After all, there's fewer of them than there are of the rest of us.

  13. stoddard's story is a great one.

    these liberals trying to feed off this blood to gain political strength are sociopaths.

    look for a post on patterico's tonight making that argument. can't post now because we are having a hot-air-alanche.

  14. "Someone ought to tell the congresscritters that if they are truly afraid of being attacked by someone who is pissed off, they might consider changing their behavior to piss off fewer people."

    Way to legitimize terrorism there. I guess if we don't want to be attacked by fundamentalists we should just change our behavior so it pisses fewer of them off...

  15. Does this mean I can't go hunting with a government official?

    What if the government official wants to go hunting by himself? Can he be charged with a crime?

    What if a government official wants to visit a target range? Are all the unfortunate people that just happen to be there going to have to go to jail?

    What if a government official knocks on my door to hand out campaign literature and I have guns in my house? Am I instantly a criminal?

    I am sure these and other questions will be answered by Rep. King, being the mental giant that he is.

  16. I don't get how this law would work. If Joe Manchin wants to take his grandkids hunting for cap & trade bills, are they in violation of the law for carrying a gun near him?

  17. This might not be the right thread but I have just remembered that the Weather Underground bombed the home of a judge.....If I have my memory correct I believe a family was left without a father.

    Yet more evidence of the violence of the left.

  18. Last summer a man walked into the Texas state capitol with a long barrel. The Texas Rangers watched him, hands on revolvers, but the guy explained to them that he was doing it, in the open, to prove that the 2nd Amendment was live and well in Texas. Smiling Texas Rangers.

    I know a couple of Texas state Congressman, and they pack 24/7 when in public. Even pack into their state offices. And our governor is no slouch when it comes to using a firearm. He was jogging and a cayote attacked his dog. Had to call animal control to pick up the dead cayote.

  19. @ Maggie

    Perhaps you mean the firebombing of the home of Judge Murtagh?:


  20. There was once hope for Peter King. Now I don't know.

    Why is it every time something bad happens, members of Congress try to figure a way to make it worse. In the act of make themselves feel safer, the will make the rest of us less safe. Being from New York, Mr. King, how are all the gun laws in your state working out? Any body get shot lately?

  21. Bill and I have been neighbors for thirty years.
    He’s a dyed in the wool Democrat. I’m a dyed in the wool Republican.
    He thinks Barak Obama is the greatest president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I think Ronald Reagan was the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
    He tells me a “good read” is Eugene Robinson. I tell him to read George F. Will.
    He says his favorite blog is the Daily Kos. I tell him mine is Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion.
    He thinks Keith Olbermann deserves an Emmy Award. I think Bill O’Reilly does.
    He tells me “tea parties” are for little girls. I tell him The Tea Party is for true patriots.
    He's an Atheist. I'm a Christian.
    Bill owns a gun and knows how to use it. So do I.
    We play golf together every chance we get.

  22. okay put up that promised post at patterico's:


  23. I can understand that they are a little freaked out over this, but this knee jerked reaction is how we ended up with DHS and many other bad things after 9/11.

  24. Shouldn't the proposed 'law' say "No speeding bullets allowed" within 'x' feet/inches of a Congresscritter's torso/cranium etc.?
    Here is my proposed law, in three parts: 1)No criminal shall commit any crime using an illegally acquired firearm. 2) No criminal carrying any firearm shall conceal it in anyway whatsoever, but may not carry it in the hand. 3) Every carjacking victim, store clerk, home break-in target, etc. etc., must be notified of the crook's intentions no less that two hours ahead of time before making his move.
    "Have I left anything out...? What do you mean it won't work?"

  25. @ Just a conservative girl

    Exactly. It is the reflexive knee-jerkiness of legislators that fuels the law of unintended consequences. The framers were careful to advise that any new law being considered, should be considered carefully, and with restraint. What we see today is the opposite of restraint.

  26. @Tlaloc:

    No, it goes to civility; it is not justifying terrorism.

    For example, if we made dueling once again legal, then people who shoot off their mouths might be a bit more circumspect about what they say. That is the essence of "blood libel" in my mind.

    Congress has had, for too long, a sense of entitlement where they were better than you. To their chagrin, the masses have decided that this is not the case.

  27. A commenter over at Althouse's blog had a great idea, all Congressmen should have to wear silver\
    foil jumpsuits and strobe lights on their heads
    to facilitate visibility.
    or how about a law banning microphones within
    1,000 feet of a congressman?

  28. The law should instead make it illegal for any congressperson to come within 1,000 feet of a lawful gun owner.

    That solves everything. No guns near the congressperson and no undermining the 2nd amendment.

    And it puts the onus of responsibility on the smaller group of people that are apparently living in fear of law abiding citizens. They want to be safe, well fine. All they have to do is stay away from those dastardly gun owners.