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Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Why Isn't The House Repeal Vote Also "Historic"?

Obamacare was "historic."  Do a Google News search, and there are hundreds if not thousands of references to the "historic" nature of the legislation.

But do a similar search for the House vote repealing this historic legislation, and the term "historic" is used only to describe the legislation, not the vote.

So tell me, how many other times in history has the House of Representatives voted to repeal historic legislation? 

Doesn't that make the repeal vote historic?

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  1. Historically racist, maybe.

    Why won't these wingnuts just accept sociali...err, progress, like all the respectable, true conservatives? You know, like David Frum and Bill Frist.

  2. You can make the analogy that Obamacare is similar to Prohibition and the repeal is like the 21st amendment.

    At least Obamacare is at least as "successful" as prohibition.

  3. I've also noticed the return of "party-line vote" and "partisan vote" to replace "historic vote."

  4. "Doesn't that make the repeal vote historic?"

    No. Per Democratic Leader James Clyburn (D-SC) it makes you a racist.

  5. Perhaps when the bill becomes law it will be historic but for now it's just a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill.