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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kennedy Follow-Up

Last week, I reported that a Kennedy miniseries had been nixed. Now it seems the plot has thickened:
"America's most iconic political dynasty is at the centre of a censorship scandal after a TV network suddenly dropped a multi-million dollar series giving a warts-and-all look at the lives of the Kennedy clan.
Those behind the project believe members of the family "bullied" The History Channel into axing The Kennedys after objecting to the way the drama portrayed the private life and sexual escapades of assassinated president John F Kennedy."
The truth hurts, folks. Thankfully, when you're a Kennedy, there's a nice cushion of money that makes sure you'll never fall. Apparently Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver led the march on the series. When your success essentially hinges on your relation to one name, I suppose it's rational to throw everything at preserving it's glory...

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  1. Didn't stop the WaPo from running a guest essay describing the Kennedy-peddled smear of Nixon vis-a-vis Nixon's support from Howard Hughes.

    Just by co-incidence, the story surfaced nigh unto the 11/59 election-date.

    By the way, there's a lot to dislike with the Kennedys. Sometime, somebody's going to look at RFK's demolition of the Kansas City Title Insurance Company.

  2. The History Channel is part of huge conglomerate, right? How is it that they are motivated to walk away from their investment in the show? With a deke or a head fake. Perhaps playing the victim card with a "ban" or "censure" from "Camelot" affords free publicity for the Christmas release instead of a summer premier(yawn season because everyone in their demographic is not at home watching TV).

    Remember "Banned in Boston?" Here is today's permutation, again from Massachusetts!

    Thanks, Professor.

  3. Be fair. TLC is airing "Kennedy Home Movies". I'm sure it will be comparable. The History Channel show was about Young Teddy in vacation swimwear and adorable footage of John-John, right?

  4. Feh. Why watch it, anyway? I'd much rather see a documentary on one year of Bill Buckley's life than the whole era of the Kennedy clan.

    The older I get, the more I suspect LBJ's Proglodyte Posse dusted JFK.