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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Death Panels, Death Panels, Death Panels

Mike Stopa was a candidate for Congress in the Republican primary in Massachusetts, and a focus of some posts here, including about his plan on how to dismantle Obamacare based on the experience in Massachusetts.

Now Mike has written a column for The Boston Globe sure to get people talking, The Reality of Death Panels.  Here's the punch line:
"... Palin is right. Death panels are an inevitable consequence of socialized medicine. The law of scarcity demands them."
Read the column for how Mike reaches that conclusion.
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  1. Oh, my...

    Were the editors at the Globe enjoying a three martini lunch as this slipped through?

    Be sure to check the comments page tomorrow as there is sure to be an outpouring of remorse and apologies rendered unto Sarah Palin, as well as pledges to work tirelessly for her presidential campaign.

    And I will wake up tomorrow in the company of a bevy of beautiful blondes trying to figure out how to spend my Powerball fortune.

  2. I guess Keith Olbermann was wrong - again!! (see the Video of the Day). That the globe printed this is a pleasant surprise. Maybe the senators in MA will vote to repeal the monstrosity after reading this...... We can only hope.

  3. If I may post a link here;
    Listen to this audio of Mike on a radio show where he lays out his plan to end ObamaCare based on the method Massachusetts used to kill Dukakis-Care in Massachusetts.

    Listen as Mike lays out the plan, already tried and tested in Massachusetts under a republican house, then eventually with the help of a republican governor.

    Video engineer for the Stopa Campaign 2010.

  4. Monday, January 17, 2011

    We have been warned that the Health Care Reform in the United States would lead to death panels deciding who should benefit from medical intervention, and who should "fend for themselves. "

    This is not a hypothetical argument; in fact, the greater our ability to save lives the greater the potential moral danger of abuse of this power.

    To whit: recent reports from Denmark - [ENGLISH HERE] longtime bastion of socialized medical care - that reveal that many doctors have been marking patient journals with secret codes to inform other staff not to resuscitate, or admit to intensive care, or administer heart massage etc.

    These codes have been put in the patients journals without the informed consent of patients and/or their families.

    This practice is not limited to one hospital - the widespread use of secret codes by more than 130 doctors has been confirmed by a recent study.

    Posted by northern seer @ 4:53 PM ; PERMALINK