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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Three Branches of Government

According to Chuck Schumer, via Townhall (h/t @gpollowitz):

So if these are the three branches of government, what do we call the 57 states?

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  1. "So if these are the three branches of government, what do we call the 57 states?"

    Chuckie's base.

  2. We'll have to check with the press "corpse," but we may need a translator if they speak "Austrian."

  3. Everyone knows that as the elitist's ego grows his head gets bigger, i.e. "swelled head". However, I have also had the suspicion that there is a limit as to the size of one's head. Therefore, once the head reaches its maximum size and the ego continues to grow, it (the ego) begins to eat away at the actual brain cells to accomodate the ever expanding size, ergo, "three branches of government...the House, the Senate, and the President.

  4. Considering the gaffe, how can we not sit in judgment? Supreme blunder.

  5. Doesn't this post skirt the real issue, viz., it's only Schumer and Obama and their fellow geniuses standing between us and ignoramuses like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann?

  6. I guess I'm just confused here... he's talking about the three branches of the federal government, right?

    Because I'm in California, and everyone here knows that the three branches of the state government are:

    1. Teachers' Union
    2. Prison Guards' Union
    3. Public Employees' Union.

  7. I haven't even studied for the test I have at the end of the month for my Naturalization, yet I know the three branches of the Federal government...

  8. Doesn't anyone use Cliff notes anymore? Maybe Chuck needs this:

  9. He worships at the feet of the unions. He has openly demanded the unseating of the president of Egypt by street revolutionaries. He owns a second vote in the senate thanks to his careful cultivation of a sidekick.

    So it's no surprise to me he's forgotten we have a judicial branch. Yet New Yorkers continue to vote for him. You get what you deserve....

  10. And Smucky Chucky Schumer attended Harvard Law?
    ...mmm kay-ay