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Monday, January 31, 2011

Has It Ever Been About Palestine?

Not really. 

Here's Jon Podhoretz's take on the recent troubles in Egypt, It's never been about Palestine:

The anti-Mubarak revolution won't only topple an authoritarian regime. It will also topple 40-plus years of wrong-headed thinking about the causes of Middle East instability among the world's foreign-policy cognoscenti.

In that view, the horrible relationship between Israel and the Arabs is the dominant issue for the Near East's 20-plus nations and its 250-million-plus people -- and the root cause of the region's tempestuousness.

But now that Tunisia's street revolt against a corrupt dictatorial regime has led to Egypt's similar revolt only in a matter of weeks, with God knows what to follow elsewhere, the plain truth can no longer be denied: Israel is a sideshow.
Read the whole thing.

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  1. I agree that it's never been about "Palestine" - but I don't agree that this will change the thinking by the State Department, or the President. They will simply find another way to vilify Israel out of fear of rising oil prices.

    Until we get our heads out of our respective a$$es and start drilling for our own damn oil, we will continue to be held hostage by the very animal who want to kill each and every one of us.

    Unfortunately, we have not yet had a leader willing to do this to the extreme it needs to be done. While Bush is a million times better than Obama (and even more than that), Bush's love affair with the Saudis only made things worse.

    What we need in this country is a leader who understands and appreciates the moral superiority of the west and is willing to do whatever it takes to move the world towards true freedom. Another Ronald Reagan would be nice, but he also failed at times (Lockerbie, for one). For this reason, I support Sarah Palin.

  2. It was never, ever, "about Palestine". And Shayne is correct about the unchanging ways of our betters. Their thinking mirrors that of the ME only in-so-far as they mutually strive to disembowel an America powerful enough to make her way alone.

    Theirs is the way of treason. The mullahs, instead, are simply waging war against us in the only way they know how. We need to fend both off on their separate fronts, but too many of us are still sleep.

    Bush was a fool re: the Saudi's, probably because of the presence of too much oil money for him to discern their ultimate goal.

    Does anyone doubt if Palin were in the WH we'd have energy of all types symbolically oozing from every national pore? I'm more and more skeptical beltway Republicans have the courage and smarts to overturn the "O" in 2012. Sadly, we may have to destroy today's gutless GOP in order to save America.