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Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Olbermann Without A Sense of Humor" Now The Face of MSNBC

The 8 p.m. time slot is the premier evening news spot on cable.  For Fox News, the slot is held by Bill O'Reilly, who has become the most public face of Fox News.

MSNBC is replacing Keith Olbermann in the 8 p.m. slot with Lawrence O'Donnell, who only recently moved to the 10 p.m. slot, and now will be the face of MSNBC.

As hard as it is to imagine things getting worse at MSNBC, O'Donnell takes MSNBC to a new level of attack mode. For whatever else he was, Olbermann could be very funny.

O'Donnell has all of Olbermann's mean streak, without the sense of humor.

Here is a clip of O'Donnell losing it on the Morning Joe show:

If you have any favorite O'Donnell video links, please post in the comments and I will embed a couple more.

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  1. "Media Shoutdown Network for Barack's Communists"

  2. O'Donnell. What a waste. It's funny how they cut O'Donnell off, go to Steely Dan lyrics, "you've been telling me you were a a genius since you were 17." Freudian Slip? Irony, at least. And who doesn't love irony?

  3. I like you William Jacobson. I love the smell of reason in the morning!!

  4. When O'Donnell subbed for Olbie earlier in the year, ratings for the show went up. Might have been curiosity. Might have been relief. What ever the reason the result was O'Donnell getting a gig at the 10 PM hour.

    And, whatever the reason for MSNBC's move, I still will not be tuning in the most leftist "news" station on the air.

  5. Latest ratings:

    FOXNEWS O'REILLY 2,918,000
    FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,079,000
    FOXNEWS BAIER 1,940,000
    FOXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000
    FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 1,460,000
    MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,106,000
    CNN PIERS 1,025,000
    MSNBC MADDOW 976,000
    MSNBC O'DONNELL 855,000
    MSNBC SCHULTZ 760,000
    CNN COOPER 740,000
    MSNBC HARDBALL 700,000

    I predict that Olberman's pathetic "top ratings" will now be closer to O'Donnell's even more pathetic ratings. There are bloggers with bigger audiences than MSNBC's top "talent".

    This might be the first move in a major shake-up.

  6. His prima donna antics were just too much for the station. Everyone else more or less plays nicely. Heck, Maddow was one of the only people that showed any journalistic restraint during the shooting.

    At most they'd replace their lowest rated show with something else, I'm guessing.

  7. I often enjoyed a shot of Olbermann after an evening of real news. He was laugh-out-loud-funny. So they replace him with a committed Socialist? One who revels in his distain for wussy Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats? May not be funny, but should be interesting.