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Monday, January 17, 2011

While You Were Watching Football This Weekend

You may have missed these posts:
And since the Patriots are out of the playoffs, there will be plenty more weekend stuff for you to miss while you are watching football in the coming weeks.

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  1. sigh Soon after it seemed to be exorcised, the Curse of the Bambino spread to every big league team in New England...

  2. Gutmenschen - Those who advocate or perform what they believe to be the morally superior course of action, even in the face of overwhelming experience or factual evidence that its effect is only irrelevant or harmful.

    "In Berlin in September, I noticed that Deutschland schafft sich ab (‘The Abolition of Germany’), a taboo-breaking blockbuster by (social democratic) Bundesbank governor Thilo Sarrazin, had just come through a new printing after having been sold out for a week. In the morning, as I walked off to work, there would always be a large table near the front of the Hugendubel bookstore on Tauntzienstrasse stacked two feet high with bright red copies. In the evening, as I returned to my hotel, the table would be denuded, or have just a few scattered copies, like the bar after an undergraduate drinks party."

    "That is why Sarrazin has struck a nerve in areas that go far beyond immigration and poverty policy. The regime of euphemism has not just led to mistakes. It has also empowered a class of so-called Gutmenschen in government and the academy."


  3. No, this is not an article from the Onion...

    On the Lack of Left Wing Discourse in the Blogosphere


  4. @ Viator-

    Wooooow. Just wow... my brain hurts after reading that. I guess the HuffPo is just another bastion of rightwing fascism to this guy :)

  5. Sorry, I don't understand. It's a month until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Are people still thinking about football?