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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T-Paw Be Yourself

I like Tim Pawlenty as a potential Republican nominee, although I still do not know enough about him or who else is running to say whether I would support him.  The comments from readers on Pawlenty were very informative.

But I don't think this helps:

Candidates need to be who they are. This dramatic appeal is not the Tim Pawlenty I have seen in television interviews. I like that Tim Pawlenty a whole lot more.

Dramatic commercials work for some potential candidates:

But it doesn't work for Pawlenty, who should stick to who he is, because who he is is pretty good.

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  1. He was on FOX with Chris Wallace and was very evasive when Wallace asked questions he didn't like. I crossed him off.

  2. My main complaint about Pawlenty is that he seems to take lessons in being a weanie. By that I mean his penchant for trying to cover all bases by using weasel talk. He just comes across as "coached".

    This video was probably intended to address his "weanie-ness" by showing a tougher T-Paw but by presenting such a contrast to the T-Paw we are used to it just feeds into the "managed" problem.

    Pawlenty needs to be more candid and express himself extemporaneously like a person who is steadfast in his beliefs and has learned how to express himself convincingly because the conviction on display is authentic. By tinkering with his image all he is revealing is that he doesn't know who he is and doesn't have the confidence of his convictions. He is sucking up to the GOP establishment just like the other RINOs in that stampede hoping that one day he will be his turn to be the anointed one.

  3. T-Paw...

    Hehehe, I like it.

    It has a nice ring to it.

  4. Do you really think Ultra-Liberal Minnesota would elect a legitimate conservative ?

  5. It's hard to speak about American exceptionalism without being a little dramatic. Also, I think the presidency requires someone able to inspire (despite the reassurances by some pundits that we are all now looking for dull and efficient in the next president).

    Pawlenty needs to be able to rebut the contention that "nice guys" don't have strong beliefs and can't stand toe-to-toe with evil guys.

    The video worked for me in showing a characteristic I want to see in my president.

  6. I agree with T.D. It worked for me too, and a real candidate needs to inspire.

    I don't really see a problem with the ad. I've read a lot of people on the net that do though.

  7. It comes across to me as the producer saying "this guy is dull, I need to jack him up using cheap editing and dramatic music."

    Charisma through editing doesn't work. I reminds me of of a Strong Bad email