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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reader Poll: To SOTU or Not to SOTU?

One of my readers has asked if we will be doing a Live Event (similar to what we did on November 2 and last January for the MA Election) for Tuesday's State of the Union address.

What do you think? (Poll closes at midnight tonight)

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  1. My vote is, you don't need to live blog it, but people should watch just so they can replay it for laughs and a good lesson in bu***it.

  2. If you do, come up with some good drinking game rules for us.

  3. The best way to take in the SOTU (or any other speech or debate) is to listen to it on the radio. You don't get all of the distractions of some idiot like AlGore or Pelosi jumping up and down behind the POTUS. It will also help understand that Obama is not that great of a public speaker. He's just average.

  4. I'd rather eat light bulbs than sit through one of this guy's teleprompter recitals. That goes double for the 2 hour media swoon to follow, where its declared THE GREATEST SPEECH IN THE HISTORY OF EVAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I just got Justified on dvd....I'll read about it later.

  5. I don't plan to watch, but I am interested in seeing Rep. Ryan's response, so I might sit through Obama's in order not to miss it.

  6. Obama: SOTU speech, 2011: "Jobs are the most important agenda of this administration."

    Obama: SOTU speech, 2010: "Jobs are the most important agenda of this administration."

    Perhaps recycling the same speech from last year is Obama's contribution to the "green" agenda. Why use more paper when he can just use a copy of the SOTU speech from 2010?

  7. What no answer for "Yes, live events are fun"...