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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Price of Kickbacks

The New York Post reported today that "Charles Rangel wants to party away his legal bills. The embattled Harlem congressman ... is throwing a fund-raiser next month to raise money for his legal-defense fund. Tickets to the event -- co-hosted by former state Comptroller Carl McCall -- start at $250 and go up to $5,000. ...The money will go to the Charles B. Rangel Legal Expense Trust, which the 20-term Democrat formed last month to pay off the substantial legal bills he racked up defending himself on ethics charges. ... Unfortunately for him, the money didn't get him very much. He was found guilty on 11 of 12 of the charges and punished with a humiliating House censure for flouting ethics rules."

I'll be curious to see how this plays out. On one hand, local members of the district probably benefit tremendously from having Charlie Rangel in office - think of all the pork! However, maybe, just maybe, they have confidence that they can vote in an equally corrupt politician, one who won't spend $1.9 million on a "Center for Public Service" ... named for themselves. I hope the people of Harlem, and all of New York, see that any number of equally corrupt politicians can easily replace Charlie Rangel and that they have the confidence to deprive him of legal funds.


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  1. Party away your legal bills...


    Holy crap! I wish I had thought of that one! I'm getting all my friends on the phone and have a "Party Away My Mortgage Party!" Everyone at this blog is invited! Um, tickets start at $250 or something...

  2. I believe that it is illegal for a politician to raise funds for paying off legal bills. It was for Sarah Palin. Granted, that might have been in her state only, but I seem to remember there is such a law which applies to federal politicians, which was raised when a Republican tried the same thing. Worth checking out.

  3. DINORightMarie, it's only illegal in Alaska. And even that wasn't widely known until the lefty lawsuit jackasses scored their single hit (out of 40+ shots) on Palin.

    If it was illegal in the rest of the US, then Bill Clinton would have been in deep doodoo (OK, deepER doodoo).

  4. I'm sorry, Van Halen, but if you can't funnel millions of other peoples' dollars to your friends, I don't think you'll get many attendees.

    Too bad Wesley Snipes wasn't a Congressman, eh?

  5. I predict it'll work, because voters in this district have been well served by one-sided media coverage of Rangels leadership and the fact that he was (maybe not still) feared by voters, businessmen and organizations because of what he could do to you if you didn't play along with stuff like this.

    I suspect he could simply write a check from a bank account we still don't know about and be done with it, but he wants to continue his long history of denying that the laws apply to him with this 'in your face' party. I can't wait to see who shows up!